Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Color Run - 2012

I heard about The Color Run on a FB add, of all places, last November. I went to their website, read what it was, then immediately set up a FB page, and started recruiting people to do it with me.

The run was the end of January and it was AWESOME! My sister, Sheri, and her girls ended up doing it with me along with some people from our church.

It was the funnest 5k I've ever done. I am definitely doing it every year!

Here we are before in our pristine white gear:

Homeboy took the "wear white" thing wrong and wore a way too thin pair of briefs. Ewwwww.

At each kilometer of the race people were stationed to throw a different color at the runners, and at the end, you get your own packet of color to throw all over the place.

Here's what we looked like after:

My boobs looked like a super rashy butt crack! Ha ha ha!

Gordi, Sher's sister, Sis, and their dad were in town from UT.  After the run, we met up with them, Rob, Sher's niece and her family that live in Mesa, and her mom (Sher's sister-in-law) for lunch. I was meeting all but Gordi and Sis for the first time. I'm not sure how old, but Sher's dad has to be pretty old. He's such a neat guy. I loved talking with him and getting to know him a bit. He bought us all lunch too. He was great. Sher's niece has two adorable children - Lucas and Lilly (I think they are 6 or so). Lilly was my instant best bud - what's not to love, right?? She wants to do The Color Run with us next year. I hope we can get them to do it with us. Rob and Dalan want to do it with us next year too. Emily said she wanted to as well. I hope they all do!! It was a great time!!!

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