Thursday, January 26, 2012


We are dog-sitting our cousins', JD and Lauri's, dog, Pinecone, for a while until they get into their new place.  She's been such a joy to have around.  We all just love her - except for the cat.

Every morning, she brings Dillon and I a "present" (usually one of her toys, a tennis ball, a chewy, or a combination of any of those). She'll come wake us up with her tail wagging so much her butt wiggles. She looks so happy and proud of herself with her presentation to us.

We think she has sleep apnea because she snores so loudly when she sleeps. Sometimes she keeps Dillon awake with her "snorgling".

She likes to "talk" to us and give us lots of "kisses".

We have a lot of nicknames for her - Piney, Porky-pine, Piney-coney, Snorgle-puss, Pudgie-winks, Pudgie-kins, Chubby-kins, Chubby-winks, Chuggy-pig, Princess Pinecone, Little Blackie, Black Bear, Pine-sicle.

She and Max are the best of buds.

Max doesn't play with other dogs, but he and Pinecone play all the time. It's adorable.

She likes to trick Max into thinking she wants to play when she just wants to steal his spot on the couch.

We all like to run together, even though Piney likes to pull us.

We are practicing being on leash, though.

She's so great with other dogs and people - everyone loves her.

She's a comedian and does some things just to make us laugh, I think.

Whenever I invite her on the couch, she does a full body shutter and scratches her belly with her hind leg before jumping up - EVERY TIME!

When I try to get her to sit on my lap, she gets all excited, whimpers, and starts licking and nibbling on my neck all crazy-like.

The cat is still a novelty to her because she doesn't get to sniff her butt nearly enough. So every time she sees the cat, she gets all excited and stares holes through her.

We just love her and have had such a great time with her.