Sunday, October 02, 2011

What's Up, Doc?

I got new running shoes a while back. I love them. They were the most expensive ones, but my feet, hips, and knees are thanking me for them. I loooove them. Maybe when I become a real runner, I will stop blogging every time I get new shoes.

So, I am totally blonde now, thanks to my super-awesome bestie that does my color now. She's not trained in the least with hair dressing and she rocks at it. Yeah, she's amazing. Even better than DIY!!

I have yet to find something she can't do well. She does my toes too. We have pedi-dates every week or so where we do each other's toes. It's great fun. Again, she rocks at it.

Nolan took me shooting in the desert a few weeks ago. It was pretty much awesome. I had such a good time. I love to shoot guns.

Sasha and Erik came down to help clear out Dad's house for about a week. They used Dad's time share points to get a hotel for the week. It had a great pool and was good fun. The only downside was that it was just about as far away in the valley as you can get. Still - good fun.

Nolan and Sahsa both have under-water digital cameras that I filled with stupid pictures and videos of (mostly) me doing stupid things for the camera. I had fun with it. I don't have any of those pics or videos, though.

We celebrated my b-day at the hotel. It was fun. Katie, Dave and Andrea, and Rob, Sheri and the kids stopped by at various points to play. We swam and bbq-ed. It was a great way to spend my b-day.

Sasha got me a princess crown to wear the day. Dalan loved it and wore it the whole time we were together. Ha ha ha. Funny kid.

I discovered that I have relatively amazing shoulder muscles. I have no idea how I got them. Dillon tells me that they've been there all along. Yeah, I'm not surprised - observance is not my strong suit. Welcome to the gun show...

Speaking of guns, we went shooting again while they were in town. Sasha and Dillon just observed while Erik, Nolan, and I shot up a muck.

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