Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We went up last to St George last Thursday for Sasha's wedding. On Friday, everyone was headed to Zion National Park. We left later than everyone else with the intention to meet up with them at the park. I guess giant canyons aren't so conducive for cell phone coverage. Ours weren't working and I don't think there's were either. We figured we'd ride the shuttle up to the top and keep an eye out for them. We did with no luck.

We got out at the last stop - Temple of Sinawava - and took a hike. I had never been to Zion before and it was beautiful.

When I want everyone that is around to be included in a picture, I bust out my mini tripod or just prop my camera up on something and set it to auto take. I have a custom setting that takes 10 pictures in a row at 3 second intervals. After I set it, I realized that the 3 seconds wasn't quite enough time for me to get into position after starting the process. So I usually get a good laugh from the outcome of the 10 shots. I always seem to have at least one hair fixing shot in there too. Dillon is usually the placement dummy and seems to keep the same, unenthusiastic, if not irritated look on his face through all 10.  Here are two sets strung together. I think they are funny.

This is actually a little rock on the ground that I tried to make look like one of the huge canyon rocks... did it work?

They have signs saying "Don't feed the animals - $100 fine" and things to that nature. Based on the "fluffiness" and proximity of this squirrel to us, I think this rule is often broken.

I found this on their website and it made me laugh. I don't know what kind of squirrel that lady ran into...

There are two animals in this picture below. Can you spot them?

One of them is a mule deer...

...and the other a lizard!

I had stopped to rest in a shady area after pushing up and breaking for Dillon up and down some gnarly inclines when I heard a little rustle from off the path. I looked to where the noise was coming from and couldn't make out what it was. She was camouflaged so well. But then I made it out to be the little mule dear laying under a rock. She was probably only 30 feet or so away from us.

There were these caterpillars (or "capetillers" if you are my nieces or nephew) all over the place. You had to be careful where you walked in spots, and even then, sometimes stepping on one was unavoidable. They were literally falling off the drinking fountain because there were too many of them on it. It was nuts. I thought they were cute though.

Some lady said they would turn into gypsy moths. Personally, I think they look and act more like the southwestern tent caterpillar. Either way, I liked them.

I made Dillon pose with our (AZ's) state critter.

He's the "Ringtail Whisperer".

It was such a wonderful day with my husband in a beautiful place.

On our way back, we stopped at a little trading post in Virgin, UT for some grub. It was cute.

They have a "petting farm" (complete with donkeys, miniature mules, alpaca, etc.) that I so wanted to go in to, but they were closing. Maybe next time.

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