Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Brunch and Pedis

The day of Sasha and Erik's wedding, the boys got together and golfed while the girls did brunch and then got pedis. It was great.

Brunch was out of town (St George) a bit and in this quaint artsy place with shops around it. The food and company were great too.

The Ironman triathlon was in town the same day of the wedding. The road out to and back from brunch was cut down to one lane because of it. While we were waiting in our line of cars for our direct of traffic to be able to go, Lauri, Mary, Melea, Sierra, Rachel, and Liz decided they would get out and cheer for the competitors. Sierra took it a step further and full on busted some moves for them. It was too good!

Then it was off for pedis.

I was surprised at how many tubs they had.

Sasha was just glowing that day and then even more so at the wedding.

I got a polish and design to match my dress.

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Paul + Emily said...

Congratulations to Sasha!! Sounds like you had so much fun at the Brunch and then getting pedis! I can't believe how many baths they have either! WOW! Your toes look so cute! :)