Monday, May 09, 2011

A Surprising Call

On March 30th, Dillon and I received a surprising call from his dad, Steve. We were both on the phone working so we received voice messages. They went something along the lines of, "Hi, it's dad, I was wondering if you guys to take me back to the hospital this afternoon for emergency brain surgery..."

It was shocking to hear, to say the least.

We have known that something was wrong with him that neither he nor doctors would/could address. He's been having difficulties walking and even standing for periods of time and sometimes at all. He's had dizzy spells and shaking episodes for a while as well.

We took him back to the hospital ER, where he had checked out AMA earlier that day. That night, they drilled into his head to drain out fluid that had built up due to a protein cyst in his head. The next day, they removed the cyst.

Since the removal of the cyst, he has recovered remarkably physically and is by far better than he was for at least years before the surgery. Mentally, on the other hand, he is still recovering. His memory has been drastically impaired by the cyst removal. It was expected to a point because of where the cyst was, but it is still unfortunate.

Sasha came down for 10 days to help with the situation soon after the surgery. It was so nice to have her. She did so much while she was here and it was perfect timing due to my work trip to UT.

Nolan came down a couple of days before Sasha left and stayed for almost a week. It was so nice to have him down as well. Just his presence makes things feel better - it's hard to explain if you don't know Noli.

They released him from the hospital almost exactly one month after he was admitted. He still needs 24 hour supervision, so we brought him home to live with us. He's been here two weeks this Friday. It's been tough, but I think it's a blessing that we live here, work from home, and can take him in.

We were all pleasantly surprised he was able to go to Sasha's wedding. Where the surgery was just 5 weeks before the big day, none of us expected him to be able to make it. It would have been very sad if he had to miss it.

They say it can take up to a year for the brain to be fully healed, so we won't know how he will be until after that.

Here are some posts Sasha wrote on the situation:

"Dad is Moving"

We have been so blessed by so many helping and keeping us in their prayers. Thanks to you!

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