Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maricopa County Fair 2011

In the heart of all of the drama with Dillon's dad, we decided we needed a break. It just so happened that the Maricopa County Fair was going on. Sasha had gone home, but Nolan was still in town and joined us.

It was a much needed and welcomed break.

First stop: The petting zoo!

KT, I took this one for you. I know it's not a llama, but it's close, right? He was grumpy, BTW. He was only interested in me if I was going to feed him.

Why am I always the only adult that goes in without a kid... I don't get it.

We then went to see the other animals.

This little goat looks just like a pigmy goat we had one year called Willy - short for Chilly Willy (he was cold a lot when he was born - we had to make him sweaters and stuff.) 

I think this is what they end up looking like as a grown billy. We didn't have him long enough to see that, though.

This little kid was so full of it. He had really pretty blue eyes that I've never seen before on a goat.

This cow liked me.

This bunny's cage was open. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to take it home.


Emily :) said...

That looks like it was a blast!! And I love that you were the only adult that went inside..haha, you crack me up! GOOD FOR YOU!! :) Glad you had fun and were able to relax a little!

Greg Clement said...

Alpacas...llamas...it's all llama to me! SO FUN!