Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Bionic Woman

The day before we left for St George for Sasha's wedding, I got my off-loading brace. The brace guy who measured and fit me for it said that I should get used to it for a week before trying to run with it or anything like that.

I wore it a lot those 4 days we were in St George. Dillon's cousin, Mary, said I looked like I was the bionic woman. At least it's pink. Pink makes ugly things bearable to me.

We got back Sunday and I went for my first run on Monday with my brace. It was amazing. My knee didn't hurt at all. I was so happy. I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well. My muscles were really sore - I've been out of running for 5 months - but my knee felt as good as new. I was so happy I could cry. It's a little miracle for me and it couldn't come any sooner - my sanity needed this. YAY!

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Paul + Emily said...

I am so incredibly happy for you Cerra! I am so glad that you are back doing what you love and that you aren't in pain anymore! I wish that I was there to go running with you!!