Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aubrey Gets Props

Last Monday, Aubrey was inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society.

Great job, Aubrey!

I guess shopping for the dress and getting ready that night were drama. Aubrey is so particular about her clothing and HATES dresses - or anything "girlie". Even though she looked great, she was still silly about the whole thing.

She loves her "tomboy shorts" so much, she just couldn't go without them, so we wore them under her dress - funny kid.

Dalan was being a turd after the ceremony.

Maddy was her cute, sweet self.

Jordan just gotten her cast off and has two weeks to get it to where she can straighten it out again on her own or else she will have to have physical therapy to do it. She better be working on it.

She told me, "If I get into... I mean when I get into Honor Society, I won't be nearly as difficult as Aubrey was about shopping for a dress. I love dresses." So we'll get to see Jordan's next year.

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