Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog-a-thon: Done!

Yup, I was right, there was a blog-a-thon in the works. Six days and ten posts later - now it's done. Here's what's new.

A Surprising Call

You would think I was crazy...

Maricopa County Fair 2011

Aubrey Gets Props


Wedding Brunch and Pedis

Vermint?... Varmin?... Bah!

Finishing Up Strong

Erik and Sasha's Big Day

The Bionic Woman

The Bionic Woman

The day before we left for St George for Sasha's wedding, I got my off-loading brace. The brace guy who measured and fit me for it said that I should get used to it for a week before trying to run with it or anything like that.

I wore it a lot those 4 days we were in St George. Dillon's cousin, Mary, said I looked like I was the bionic woman. At least it's pink. Pink makes ugly things bearable to me.

We got back Sunday and I went for my first run on Monday with my brace. It was amazing. My knee didn't hurt at all. I was so happy. I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well. My muscles were really sore - I've been out of running for 5 months - but my knee felt as good as new. I was so happy I could cry. It's a little miracle for me and it couldn't come any sooner - my sanity needed this. YAY!

Erik and Sasha's Big Day

Sasha and Erik wed on May 7, 2011. It was a great day.

The ceremony and reception took place in beautiful St George, UT. The location was amazing - green grass and red rocks.

The bride arrived via golf cart driven by her little brother, Nolan.

One of Sasha's best friends, Mike, performed the ceremony. He did a great job.

Here is my man in black. He looked so good - not that I'm biased or anything.

Again, he's sooooo cute!

The bride's side of the family. 

What are these silly siblings looking at?

That's better.

John locked his keys in the car, so the Hawkins' boys busted out their thug and tried to "slim-jim" their way in - a few hours later, they ended up calling a lock smith.

Reception time!

Michellie, Carol's oldest, was the flower girl. She did a great job. I can't believe how big all the kids are.

Here are "Johnny Smash" and "Lady Goo-Goo". Ha ha ha. I love my nerds! BTW, doesn't Courtney rock Dillon's military aviators?

Isn't she the cutest?! Mama looked so lovely!

 The bride and groom arrived at the reception via gold cart.

They served some rocking food. It was really good.

Sasha asked Dillon to give the toast. It was wonderful, touching, heartfelt and wise. That's my boy!

Their first dance as man and wife was tender.

I am so glad Steve could be at the wedding. We were sure he wouldn't be able to because of the extensive brain surgery he had just 5 weeks before. He was so proud of Sasha.

Then it was boogy time.

We danced the night away and they lived happily ever after.  ;-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finishing Up Strong

It was the girls' basket ball tournament today. Their team won the championship. Dalan's team won the week before. I never was able to see him play in a game this year.

They get a pizza party at Peter Piper Pizza for being champs. Way to go, guys!

Rob and I took the kids to the Y after for some swimming. It was good fun. I didn't get any pictures because I was busy playing in the water. ;-)

Vermint?... Varmin?... Bah!

I was trying to tell Dillon that there was something in our back yard and I just couldn't get it right - vermint, varmin... Yeah, he made fun of me.

Anyway, we are not alone.

I have yet to see this busy digger, but I bet he's cute. I doubt Dillon will let me keep him...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Brunch and Pedis

The day of Sasha and Erik's wedding, the boys got together and golfed while the girls did brunch and then got pedis. It was great.

Brunch was out of town (St George) a bit and in this quaint artsy place with shops around it. The food and company were great too.

The Ironman triathlon was in town the same day of the wedding. The road out to and back from brunch was cut down to one lane because of it. While we were waiting in our line of cars for our direct of traffic to be able to go, Lauri, Mary, Melea, Sierra, Rachel, and Liz decided they would get out and cheer for the competitors. Sierra took it a step further and full on busted some moves for them. It was too good!

Then it was off for pedis.

I was surprised at how many tubs they had.

Sasha was just glowing that day and then even more so at the wedding.

I got a polish and design to match my dress.