Monday, April 11, 2011

The Fish Got a Ball

My eldest niece, Whitney, has been a swimmer all her life.  Her mother and uncles swam competitively and it was "passed down" to Whit.

What's relatively new is water polo. I think she started that a year or two ago. We were just about to or just moving down to Phoenix when she started playing, so I was never able to see her play even though I really wanted to. Well, to my happy surprise, I was able to on the 3rd weekend of March.  Whitney and Julie were down in Phoenix for a tournament at ASU.

I have never seen water polo before and Whitney did not disappoint.

She had a cold so I guess she wasn't at her A game, but I was still super impressed.

She scored a goal against a really nasty team. They played really dirty, but Whit and her team still wasted them.

Whitney's team ended up taking gold in the tournament - undefeated! 

Little Maddy wasn't feeling well at first. She had a fever.

After some medicine, she seemed to be feeling better though.

All the kids - except Maddy - ran off with my jacket.

We were dressed for spring/summer, but it got chilly. So I bought Maddy and I matching hoodies.

She told everyone we saw after that, "The inside of my pocket is really soft!"

Whitney rocks! 

The adults wanted a picture of all the kids together.  There were many attempts.  It was way harder than it seemed like it should be, but I guess that's kids for you.

This one wasn't bad, but missing one.

It just so happened that Gordon and Brooklyn were down at the same time. Gordon came down to watch baseball - spring training - and brought Brooklyn along - probably to play with Aubrey mostly. It was so nice to see so much of my family all weekend long.

It was great to see Whitney all (almost) grown up and kicking butt in water polo and hang out with so much of my family over the weekend.

Vids here.