Friday, March 18, 2011

Moody Maddy

I love to notice things about my nieces' and nephews' personalities - especially how they change and grow over the years. Often times when I am with them, I tend to reminisce to them about things they did or what they were like when they were little. It's more with the older kids that I do this with. One day a month or so ago, I was telling Jordi or Aubrey somethings about when they were babies or little. All the kids were listening and would laugh when I told them the stories. Maddy could see how fun it was to hear about how one was when they were younger, so she asked me, "What did I used to do when I was little?"

Well, she's still little - 5 - so I tried to think of something that would be interesting for her to hear about herself. I came up with, "When you were little, you used to get really mad over just about anything. Someone would just look at you and you would scowl, frown, lower your head and walk away, and that's why your Uncle TJ gave you the nick-name 'Moody Maddy'"

All the kids, including Maddy laughed, but Maddy stopped short and got a contemplative look on her face. She then said in her little, high voice (that just makes you want to pinch her cheeks), and with a smirk on her face "I still do that!"

Then we all really laughed. Only one as cute as she could get away with that kind of moody.

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