Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last Saturday was Rob's kids' first basketball game. Dalan played at 8:30a... Yeah, we didn't make that game. But the two older girls played later, and we went to that one.

Well, Aubrey played. Jordan sat on the bench with her broken wrist. She broke it earlier in the week during suicides at b-ball practice. She didn't even haver her hard cast on yet. I was proud of her for dressing down and supporting her team though.

Rob told her that she "earned her stripes with him." I guess when she fell and broke it, she stopped, went to her dad, and said her wrist hurt. He said she was fine, and she went back to running suicides until the coach said, "Uh, Dad, you may want to look at this." I guess you could see it was broken. Wow. What a girl... Way to go, Rob!

The girls are getting a late start in basketball if you consider their all-star parents. Needless to say, Aubrey was lost this game. She kept her hands at her side and did everything she could to avoid getting the ball and getting rid of is ASAP when she did. I think she was really afraid of making a mistake.

Sheri was teaching her some pointers on the outside hoops after the game. She is amazing! Those girls are going to get it in no time if they tap their parental resources.

Maddy was playing photographer during the game. I had to crop them a little, but she didn't do bad.

Look at this cute, little munchkin!

Dalan, on the other hand is a NATURAL baller! He has no fear, and the skill is just there. His age plays on the 8' hoops, but he doesn't need them. He shoots on the 10' just fine.

He practices with his team, and then practices with the 13 year olds right after. He is buddies with the coach's kid, so he gets to play/practice whenever he wants when he's coaching. He's middle of the pack with the older kids.

He plays until he's beyond pooped and still wants to play some more. I didn't know a love for b-ball could be genetic. It's crazy. Rob's been feeding him football his whole life because of how huge he's going to be, but the second this kid gets a basketball in his hands, he's like a fish to water.

Watch out, LeBron!

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