Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good things come...

So we've had our dog with us now for a year this month. I've worked so hard to try to bring balance and happiness to his little life. He has filled the crevices of my heart in ways I only imagined. The least I can do for him is try to give him everything he needs.

We've come a long way in a year. Before, he showed aggression toward people and other dogs, he's had issues with eating and food aggression. When we got him he was very skittish and nervous. He hated new things, people and places. He seemed to like car rides, but he would lay in the back seat the whole time without looking outside or seeing where we were going. He was very cautious with his mouth and wouldn't chew or bite even for play.

Now, kids can come up to him that he's never met before and he lets them pet him - adults too. He is okay going to houses and being around people he's never experienced before. We go to the dog park and he let's other dogs smell him and shows interest in getting to know some of the other dogs. I think he is close to playing with the other dogs too. He will approach the people at the park to meet them too. He now sits in the car instead of lying down the whole time and looks and sniffs out the window.

And just a week ago, he started playing with toys again. He started a nightly ritual of climbing up on the couch with me and cuddling. When I hug him he moans and growls with happiness or excitement. After a couple of minutes of hugging, he usually likes to start playing. He would start softly chewing on my hands and arms. Dillon gave me the idea to introduce a toy he could chew on. I took a small stuffed animal and gave it to him and he loved it. I haven't seen him play with toys in years - maybe even since he was a puppy. I was so happy when he got into it. He was chewing on it, and shaking it, and would run and jump on it when I would throw it. He was great.

We have a fun game that he likes now too. When we are at the dog park or another place where there is a parking lot with other cars in it, as we are going back to the car, I ask him, "Where's your car?" and he goes over and noses the handle on our car door. It's so cute. He loves using his nose. I want to have him start targeting things and maybe turning on and off lights and things like that. I think it he would enjoy it.

We are still working on him not being so afraid of the cat. She such a nasty, unpredictable, demon that she can make any progress we achieve disappear very quickly. Sometimes it's pathetic, really.

I tried to fix their "red eyes" and it looks a little creepy...

I feel like we are getting him closer and closer to being balanced and happy every day.

I know he has changed my life so much for the better. Dillon and I both love our sweet pup. He bring us so much joy and, like I said, fills the crevices of our hearts. I am so glad Kathleen gave him to us. I love him so much.


Alisha said...

What a sweet puppy! I'm so glad he has made you so happy!

Emily :) said...

I love to hear all the amazing these that you have done with your puppy! You are so awesome Cerra!! And I love how much you love him! You two were meant to be!! :-)