Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bringing Home the Christmas Spirit

I've been wanting a nativity of my own since Dillon and I got together. I've been wanting a nice one but they are either way too much for what they are or I don't like them - I've had a hard time finding "the one".

The other day we were in Costco, and I noticed I had left Dillon in the dust. I turned around to find him looking at a display I had blown past without even noticing. When I saw what he was looking at, I gasped with enthusiasm. There was a lady next to me that I startled. I seem to do that a lot in stores. When she realized what I was looking at, her look told me my reaction was over-exaggerated. Hee hee

Dillon had been pricing nativities for some time now, I guess, and knew this one was a good deal right when he saw it. He bought it for me. I was so excited.

Somehow I didn't really notice the display or think about why the box was so big and heavy, but this nativity is HUGE! My barbies would have loved to play in this creche back in the day. ;-)

I love this nativity for so many reasons. There are a lot of pieces and details, the camel and donkey are super cute along with a little shepherd boy cuddling a lamb, no one in it has a creepy looking face, and the whole feel of it is very reminiscent of the little nativity I grew up playing with as a child.

We've had it about a week, I still look at it sitting on our table in our living room, and it warms my heart.

I knew I would like having a nativity of our own, but I was really surprised with the spirit that the small, modest, symbol of the scene from our Savior's birth brought.