Sunday, November 14, 2010

Zoo Day

Paul and Emily got in to town Wednesday afternoon. We spent the Friday at the Phoenix Zoo.

Dillon had to work, but my friend Katie came with her boys and got us a discount. Yay!

The first thing we saw was a really cool exhibit with a whole mix of animals wandering in a huge area - giraffes, big horned cows, ostriches, buzzards, some kind of giant crane-like birds, some other herd-type animals, and others.

According to Reese, Katie's son, this was a moose.

There was a young male lion in the lion cage. Porter went "WOOOAAAHH!!" when he stood up.

Even as a younger lion, we was HUGE and intimidating.

The tiger's stare was intimidating as well. I wonder if he thought I looked juicy or something. Hee hee. He was a beautiful animal, though.

These were called "Dik diks" and, of course, I had to say their name like 100 times really loudly... Yeah, I'm mature like that.

Here's me with one of my favorite people, Collin. I could hold him all the time and his mom seems to lets me. He's such a doll.

Here I am breaking the rules. He liked me... This must be my naughty face... Hmmm, based on that, I shouldn't be naughty anymore... Yikes...

And speaking of naughty!... Oh come on, people. It's nature... Feel free to frame it, matte it with a leopard print or something else exotic, and hang it above your bed. You're welcome... Again, mature like that.

We stopped and sat for a minute while Porter and Reese played in the play area.

The petting zoo had a bunch of goats in it and you could grab a brush on the way in to groom them. What a great idea.

There was a section with Mini Zebus just off the petting zoo. You could pet them if they came close enough to the fence. I loved them. I wonder if my HOA will let me have one in my back yard...

Reese was such a cute, little buddy to Porter. Porter loved him. Reese would point to things and tell him what they were.

Here, he's telling him about the "bunny".

And, "Now there are two bunnies".

Emily and I wanted to be "bunny" babies. And Paul said we wouldn't fit. Pshht!

We came across camel rides! My intentions for riding were twofold - CAMEL RIDE! (on my bucket list), and I always need a way to win Reese's affection - he doesn't like me all the time. So we went for a ride.

We had so much fun!

I was surprised that the hump was hard. I always thought it would be a little soft.

Reese liked me for the rest of the day. ;-)

(Side note: Did you know that Arizona was once home to camels - see US Camel Corps and "Hi Jolly"? Some believe that they still roam wild in the Sonoran Desert today.)

We liked posing with the props placed around the zoo.

They had what looked like a small Mexico Town there. This old sign was in it, and I thought it was cool.

Some cool birds...

Portie liked them.

So my brother claims he got heat stroke that day. Ha ha ha.... Heat stroke?... If anything, heat exhaustion, but who on earth gets that in 70 degree weather?!?!? Crazy kid.

It was a long, but awesome day. Thanks guys!


Holly said...

We LOVE the Phoenix Zoo! Looking at your pictures makes me want to go again.

TJ and Jessica said...

Oh. My. Heck! Cerra you are SO freaking funny!!! I'm totally cracking up about the naughty turtles! hahah! Glad you guys had fun!