Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We were invited to the Tucker's house for Thanksgiving this year. They throw amazing parties, and it seems like at least one person mentions their Thanksgiving parties at every one of their other parties we've been to. We just barely missed it last year, so I've been looking forward to going to our first.

Dillon bought me a cute, new sweater-dress and shoes to wear. I loved them.

We rode over with Dillon's dad, and Dave and Andrea invited Rob, Sheri, and the kids too. I am so glad they decided to come. Everyone liked them and they seemed to have a good time. The kids were really good too.

Sidenote: Dalan has been sporting a fo-hawk lately. I just assumed it was because he thought it was cool. But then he told me that he liked it when his dad did his hair like a shark. What a cute boy!

Jordan was such a hit with the other kids.

Mike and Beatrice's - Andrea's brother and sister-in-law - kids were there too. Gracie (their 2 year old) just climbed on top of her and started hugging and kissing her while she was relaxing on the patio furniture.

It was so cute! Jordi was so sweet to her, and when she got down, Jordan said all dramatically, "What was that about?" Too funny.

Timmy liked hanging out with her too.

Everyone loves Jordi.

Timmy liked Jordi, but he loved Maddy.

When he wasn't with her, he would go around asking everyone, "Where's that little girl?" as he held up his thumb and forefinger like if one were measuring an inch or so.

He told his grandma, "I want to kiss her." They are both 4, but Maddy has a lot of height on him. That didn't seem to detour him though.

The Tucker's did not disappoint.

I swear they were in the kitchen the entire time we were there until we ate, but they wouldn't let anyone help.

The spread was amazing. The anticipation for chow time was brutal, but well worth the wait. Jen, Dalan, and Joey were knife fighting to pass the time.

Mike and Beatrice's two oldest kids line up in age with Rob and Sheri's youngest two. Joey and Dalan were cute buddies too. I don't think Joey wanted to kiss Dalan like Timmy did Maddy though.

Timmy is such a little charmer.

Sheri helped cleanup after we ate. I think Rob thinks he's giving moral support here?...

There was some serious vegging after the meal.

The guy sleeping on the couch above, "Doc", has been to every single Thanksgiving party the Tucker's have thrown - like a decade's worth or something like that.

I thought I'd post this pic of Rob showing me his brotherly love, just in case he didn't remember.

After dinner, some of the girls were going to head to the Anthem outlet mall for their early Black-Friday shopping that started at 10pm. Andrea invited me to join them.

It was cool. I'd never been. I got a great deal - buy one get one free - on some sunglasses at Sunglass Hut. I was out the door with two sunglasses I really liked for under $100.

I know what you are thinking, "Aren't those the same glasses in both pics?" But they aren't. They are similar but different. ;-)

There were a lot of other stores I wanted to look at, but it quickly got to the point were you couldn't even get around in the stores because of all the people. The lines in some of those places wove and winded around every rack to the very back of the store, so I left. I will definitely go back though.

Thanks to the Tucker's for a great Thanksgiving.

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