Monday, November 01, 2010

Hallow Weenie 2010

I saw this on a shirt and it made me think of my mother-in-law (she has a weenie dog).

With this year's Halloween on Sunday, it seemed like the celebration started on Friday (or earlier) and went all the way through Sunday night.

I was sad not to have an excuse to dress up for work. I was disappointed to learn that hardly anyone back in the office dressed up this year either. Lame.

Saturday was our ward's Fall Festival. Rob, Sheri, and the kids came too. It was a lot of fun. One of my cute Mia Maids, Kiersten, painted my face at the party. Our Young Women girls were in charge of running all the games and face painting. They did such a good job. I was really proud of them .

On Sunday, before they went out, we went over to their house to get some pics of the kids in their costumes. They looked so good.

Madi loves to pretend to be animals, so I think she was digging being a cat.

Puss in boots. ;-)

Dalan was (old school) Batman. He's so cute. They had rosy cheeks on him Saturday night, and on Sunday, he did them himself. Yeah, he didn't do as good of a job as mom did. We washed them off before he went out.

Notice the high-waters? Ha ha. Poor kid. He's just too big. His mom bought him a size 8-10 thinking it would surely fit a SIX year old... Not quite... He still rocked it though.

Jordi was a vampire.

I left her red-eyes on this one. I think it looked cool.

Aubrey went as Cleopatra.

The Egyptian and her kitty

Aw, Dracula loves Cleo...

Dillon was trying out the Medusa look. It works.

Rob was trying to get some from a skull.

As the kids were filing outside, Dalan saw some other neighborhood kids out, dressed up, and getting ready to go Trick-or-Treating, and he came running back to the porch and said, "They're doing it too. They are doing it too!!" I wonder if he thought they were the only ones before. Funny kid!

The kids looked awesome.

After that, Dillon and I went back to our house and handed out candy. We had a steady stream of kids until the candy ran out a bit after 9.

This year, Dillon went as a grumpy, scruffy, old man... Wait a minute...


TJ and Jessica said...

I can't believe how big those kiddos are getting! Dalan is SO tall and Maddy looks totally different! It makes me sad living so far from them, but I bet you are loving having them so close :) We miss you two and wish we were seeing you on Thansgiving

Emily :) said...

Ok, I can't believe how old Maddy looks! WOW!! She is so grown up! WOW!! They looked SO ADORABLE in their costumes! Sooooo cute!! So neat that you could spend the holiday with them!!