Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

On Thursday, we hung out at the house and waited for Porter to finish his afternoon nap before going out. He slept really well here, so we didn't make it over to Rob's until after 4p.

We had planned on hiking around the regional park near my house. Since it's dark here by 6p now, we didn't have long. We decided we would go anyway and play for what time we did have. We all piled in to Rob's SUV - sans Sheri and Dillon who had to work.

The short drive seemed to take a long time with all the screaming kids in the car.

We walked around the smallest trail (GL) but it was still enough to get outside and have some fun.

Porter was a big hit with the cousins. They were all so in to him and so helpful with him.

Maddy liked collecting rocks. She found some cool ones.

Even though it was a short walk, Aubrey needed to take a rester.

I guess her dear, ol' dad just wanted to make sure she was still alive.

We found a cool, decrepit saguaro cactus.

After the park, Rob and Sheri treated us to some yummy food.

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