Sunday, November 07, 2010

Aubrey's 10

It's official, Aubrey's out of the single digits. For her b-day, her mom took her shopping and got her a bearded dragon. Aubrey named it Taz.

When Rob told be about it, I was expecting it to be like the lizards I see every day in my backyard - fast and skittish. But he wasn't at all. I actually really want one now. He was so chill and content to be held.

He's got a really cool little home... for now. I guess he's supposed to be two feet long when he's done growing, so this won't be his home after a while. But it's perfect for him right now.

The back is a foam rock wall he can climb and get closer to the heating lamp if he gets too cold. It's pretty cute.

Aubrey loves animals - I like to think she gets that from me, or at least from the same place I got it, but who knows - but their family really isn't ready for any pets that take much maintenance to keep happy and healthy. Let alone the fact that their place they are living right now doesn't allow pets.

But poor girl, that's all she wanted for her b-day, "I want a pet." That's about all she talks about - being a vet when she grows up, having so many pets, etc. Notice her shirt? Only pizza and her friend Cloe come before animals in the "I heart" list. ;-)

She loves him, and I am so glad. He's a great pet for her.

Happy birthday to Aubrey!


Emily :) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUBREY!! That is exciting that she got a lizard. And they really get to be 2 feet? WOW!! That's big! Glad she had a fun day!

TJ and Jessica said...

I miss that cutie!