Sunday, October 24, 2010


As part of our stake's Youth Conference this year, we did a service project. The city of Tolleson has a Pride Day every year in which they try to make their community better. It usually entails painting a few houses in the community. With our 250 people strong, they were able to add cleaning up the streets and alleyways of some of their dirtier parts of town.

We represented our Churches "Mormon Helping Hands". You could look all around and see tons of people in these yellow smocks.

It was even cooler to see all the yellow when we all got down and dirty.

It was four or so hours of hard (and sometime really GROSS) work, but you could really see the difference we made. It was great.

This is my new friend, Josh. He was a cute kid. :-)

This was the group I was with after we were done. Even tired, sweaty and sore, they were still a good looking bunch.

Some of our stake painted.

Service rocks!

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