Thursday, October 07, 2010

I am a Robot

So I had a sleep study done to try to find out why I am so tired all the time. Everything was normal, but I got some nice pics from the ordeal.

BTW, how do they expect you to sleep normally like this. Really.

Backstory on the title: When my brother and I were little, I remember my dad used to tease us and say (in a robot voice), "I am a robot!" and he would walk very slowly toward us with a gait similar to Frankenstein's monster in the old movies. I didn't seem to get caught up in the lameness of his walk or voice though. It kind of scared me and I didn't like it.

So I would say, "DA-AD!" trying to get him to break character.

He would always say back, "I am not your dad. I am a robot." In that same mechanical sounding voice while slowly moving closer to us.

When he got too close Paul and I would run down the hall screaming and jump into my parent's bed to hide from "Robot-Dad". It was so fun and terrifying at once.

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Emily :) said... are you supposed to sleep with so many cords! I am so sorry that you haven't been sleeping well. Did you ever find out what was wrong?