Friday, October 29, 2010

Arizona State Fair 2010

I went to the fair last Thursday with my friend, Katie, her mom, Sue, and her kids, Reese and Collin. She has the cutest kids!

Reese (the two year old) insisted on bringing sun glasses with us - I may have accidentally started that. He couldn't decide which pair he he wanted to wear.

I put a pair on Collin.

But that didn't last long.

There was a huge dinosaur at the entrance to the fair. I think Reese liked it.

Sue, Katie, Collin, and Reese

Cute boys

We saw some cute, fat cows.

Almost right off the bat, we stumbled upon my favorite part - THE PETTING ZOO!

Katie loves llamas!

Reese has the cutest, cheesy smile. It makes me laugh.

Check out this smile! Too funny.

After the animals, I went with Reese on a kiddy ride he wanted to go on. As an after thought, we decided we should have watched it go before we threw a 2 year old on it. He was fine...

...until it started going fast. It was so sad. It started going up, down, and around in circles. Reese's expression soon turned to terror and he was clutching to me, the seat and anything else he could grab. The poor little guy was shaking as he screamed, "No. I don't! I don't!"

It was heartbreaking. It's a good thing he probably won't remember it. I was surprised at how quickly he got over it though. I went with him on the train afterward. That was his kind of ride. He got to push a button that made a horn sound and play with a steering wheel as a colorful train went slowly around a track. He seemed to really like that one.

I was a little disappointed in the quantity - or lack thereof - of animals at the AZ fair. Maybe there was supposed to be more, but they died from heat stoke in August or something...


kt said...

Hurray for FREE admission to the fair! We had a great time with you...minus that crazy "kids" ride! Oh and remember that lame pig race??? So unimpressed with that one! I think the petting zoo was my favorite part. Good times!

Cerra said...

<3 KT!