Friday, October 29, 2010

Arizona State Fair 2010

I went to the fair last Thursday with my friend, Katie, her mom, Sue, and her kids, Reese and Collin. She has the cutest kids!

Reese (the two year old) insisted on bringing sun glasses with us - I may have accidentally started that. He couldn't decide which pair he he wanted to wear.

I put a pair on Collin.

But that didn't last long.

There was a huge dinosaur at the entrance to the fair. I think Reese liked it.

Sue, Katie, Collin, and Reese

Cute boys

We saw some cute, fat cows.

Almost right off the bat, we stumbled upon my favorite part - THE PETTING ZOO!

Katie loves llamas!

Reese has the cutest, cheesy smile. It makes me laugh.

Check out this smile! Too funny.

After the animals, I went with Reese on a kiddy ride he wanted to go on. As an after thought, we decided we should have watched it go before we threw a 2 year old on it. He was fine...

...until it started going fast. It was so sad. It started going up, down, and around in circles. Reese's expression soon turned to terror and he was clutching to me, the seat and anything else he could grab. The poor little guy was shaking as he screamed, "No. I don't! I don't!"

It was heartbreaking. It's a good thing he probably won't remember it. I was surprised at how quickly he got over it though. I went with him on the train afterward. That was his kind of ride. He got to push a button that made a horn sound and play with a steering wheel as a colorful train went slowly around a track. He seemed to really like that one.

I was a little disappointed in the quantity - or lack thereof - of animals at the AZ fair. Maybe there was supposed to be more, but they died from heat stoke in August or something...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Buddy

I have a new running partner. She's great! Her name is Katie, and she goes to my church. I'd been pathetically begging for someone to run with me for some time, and one night at youth group (we are both in Young Women) she asked me if I had found someone to run with yet. I hadn't, and she said that she was thinking about starting up again.

We started running together about a month ago and have gone from running a little over 1 mile to a little over 3 in just that time. We try to go 6 times a week and are doing a pretty good job of not missing a day.

She lives nearby, is close to my age, has two adorable babies that I LOVE, doesn't mind that I run slowly, and is great company. I hope we run together for a long time.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I got home from an evening run and was sitting on the couch when Dillon spotted something crossing our living room floor in front of our entertainment center. I was a baby gecko! I couldn't believe it.

When I took him outside, he stayed in my hand a for a little while until he ran off on to the dirt. It totally made my night! I loved him.


As part of our stake's Youth Conference this year, we did a service project. The city of Tolleson has a Pride Day every year in which they try to make their community better. It usually entails painting a few houses in the community. With our 250 people strong, they were able to add cleaning up the streets and alleyways of some of their dirtier parts of town.

We represented our Churches "Mormon Helping Hands". You could look all around and see tons of people in these yellow smocks.

It was even cooler to see all the yellow when we all got down and dirty.

It was four or so hours of hard (and sometime really GROSS) work, but you could really see the difference we made. It was great.

This is my new friend, Josh. He was a cute kid. :-)

This was the group I was with after we were done. Even tired, sweaty and sore, they were still a good looking bunch.

Some of our stake painted.

Service rocks!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I am a Robot

So I had a sleep study done to try to find out why I am so tired all the time. Everything was normal, but I got some nice pics from the ordeal.

BTW, how do they expect you to sleep normally like this. Really.

Backstory on the title: When my brother and I were little, I remember my dad used to tease us and say (in a robot voice), "I am a robot!" and he would walk very slowly toward us with a gait similar to Frankenstein's monster in the old movies. I didn't seem to get caught up in the lameness of his walk or voice though. It kind of scared me and I didn't like it.

So I would say, "DA-AD!" trying to get him to break character.

He would always say back, "I am not your dad. I am a robot." In that same mechanical sounding voice while slowly moving closer to us.

When he got too close Paul and I would run down the hall screaming and jump into my parent's bed to hide from "Robot-Dad". It was so fun and terrifying at once.

When Dougothy Comes Around

My dad and his new wife Dorothy drove down from Boise to visit us the first week of October. They stopped off in SLC to visit Paul and Em and her kids, they they stopped in St George to visit Dorothy's sister, and then they stopped in Avondale to see us. They were only able to stay a day before they started the trip back, but it was nice to see them.

My dad helped me with some things around our house, we visited, and we stopped by the Mesa Temple.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Anne of Green Gables

Ask anyone who knew me between 4th and 6th grade and they will be able to tell you that I LOVED Anne of Green Gables.

On Thursday, I went with the Beehives and some other church members to the high school's production of Anne of Green Gables. We had so many of our Young Women girls in the play in one way or another - 6 to be exact. One of my Mia Maids was the lead - Anne - and another was her understudy. I was so proud. They all did AMAZING jobs.

Madison played Anne. She really nailed the part. She is a freshman, and this was her first play.

Good job, kids!