Sunday, July 11, 2010

JD in AZ

Dillon's cousin, JD, came down on Thursday for the weekend to help Dillon out with some graphic design. JD is a really talented artist. He's almost done with is Bachelor of Fine Arts. Between his schooling, raw talent, and passion for what he does, he can really put out some amazing stuff, and he's just begun.

In fact, he just recently won a state contest in Utah for creating this bad boy. (He gave one to Dillon as a memento)

This qualified him for nationals in Kansas City where he also took first again.

He really helped Dillon out this weekend, and I think they accomplished a lot more than Dillon expected from the visit.

JD also grilled us food every night he was here on our BBQ. It was divine.

He even installed Dillon's ceiling fan in his office for us. That alone made bringing him down here worth it to me!

Max typically takes a while to warm up to people. And even when he stops being anxious or even growling at new people, he usually just avoids them for a good while after.

But he loved JD from the second he saw him. I have never seen him not bark or not be apprehensive when he first meets someone, but he was instantly in love with JD. I couldn't believe it! I told him I liked him and though he was a good guy before, but Max really affirmed that fact.

Max kept scratching at the door to his room at night to get in with him. The last night he was here JD let him in and they cuddled. About 6 this morning, Max came in and woke me up to "tell me something". I could tell he was excited and proud of himself, but I didn't know what it was about until JD told me they hung out that night. So cute!

I showed JD my black-light flashlight and asked him if he wanted to go "scorpion hunting" one night while he was there. We kept forgetting until the last night he was in town. Then I remembered. I should have known it wasn't going to go well based on his reaction to where the "hunt" was taking place - he seemed surprised that it was in our backyard. But I took him anyway. He had a couple of brewskies in him, so I think his anxiousness was compounded by that. He screamed a lot, hid behind me, and ran inside before we finished the whole backyard. There were quite a few that night thought - 10 total. A lot of them were little ones and I was smart enough to tell him that those were worse than the large ones. When I came inside after him, Dillon was like, "You broke my cousin!" Oops. Poor guy had nightmares that night. :-(

Dillon and I really appreciate JD's willingness to come down and help out.

I really enjoyed hanging out with JD and getting to know him better. I can't wait until he can come down again and bring his wife Lauri with him.

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