Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend of Brothers

So my brother, Bill, and his son, AJ, and his dad, Gordon came down for a quick trip. I guess our little AJ has become quite the baseball player, so they wanted to come down and see a "real" baseball game with their son, brother, and uncle, Rob. I invited myself along for a couple of things and got treated to food and b-ball. ;-)

First, Bill treated us to good food at a cool place - Alice Cooperstown. It was right by the ball park.

Then we headed over to Chase Field.

I think they messed up - I am pretty sure we were supposed to be in the pool seats...

From where we were sitting, we saw a bird... perched on a wire... below where we were sitting. I decided its system couldn't handle the altitudes at our level...

There were some live bobble heads.

We sat just in front of a crazy-flag-lady. She made weird noises.

She had pompoms too.

The kids got some Diamondbacks paraphernalia.

Baseball games are loooooonnnngggg....

We had to find alternate things to keep us entertained.

Playing with cameras and phones are always fun.

It was still a long game.

And we lost after it was all said and done.

I told Aubrey to make a sad face that we lost, and this is what she gave me.

They had fireworks afterwords. The roof opened surprising fast.


The next day we went to lunch. The kids got fun balloon animals. Dalan was first and got a blue monkey.

Madi wanted a blue dinosaur.

The balloon maker was really cute with her and she had fun while he made it.

I think she wins for tallest balloon animal.

Jordi got an orange dolphin.

AJ wanted an orange monkey.

And Aubrey got a yellow puppy. Hers was the only one that made noise. Somehow he made it squeak when you squeezed his ears.

He was very good at balloon animals, and all the kids LOVED it.

It was so nice seeing some of my family this weekend. I can't wait to see more.