Saturday, May 22, 2010


Dillon and I had a deal that when I finished the back yard, I could buy a pool. As the time drug on and the weeding proved to take a lot longer than planned, I added an "or" clause to our deal. I said if the backyard was done OR it hits 100 degrees outside, whichever is first. Well, they both came the same day, so, on Saturday, Dillon and I went and got my pool.

Well, I think it was about 20 - 25 minutes until it was ready for water. Not nearly as unrealistic as I thought.

The instructions said to smooth out the bottom one more time before when there was about an inch in the bottom. Well it was more like 2" when I started, and I found the most effective way to really get the bottom smooth was to push one way with my hands while pushing the opposite with my feet. I swear, I wonder how I can't see these things coming. Well, my first belly-flop in my new pool was with only inches of water.

It took so much longer to fill than I expected. I really didn't know what to expect though.

It was 9 hours total to fill. By the next day, it was all ready for action! It was only in the high 70's and really windy most of the day Sunday, but I couldn't resist! I had to swim!

What pool day is complete without a floaty?

I wanted my phone and camera out there with me just in case a mood struck, but I know how clumsy I am, so I used some precautions.

Needless to say, I spilled my drink... Do'h! It was outside the pool thought. I guess that was better than in.

I loved playing in my new pool! I wasn't in there 5 minutes before max started trying to climb up the ladder to get to me.

How could I resist. I spent a little time trying to teach him to use the ladder. Then I figured that was enough of ladder-training for that day and it was time to swim. So I picked him up and carried him in. I put him in the water then finished down the inside of the ladder. Before I could grab him again, he had swum to the edge and was trying to get out. I grabbed him and pulled him back in. I tried to get him to settle down and enjoy the water but he wouldn't, so not long after I put him in, I took him back out. He was still pretty interested in what I was doing and would pop his cute little head up every once in a while after he got out.

About 1/2 hour or so later, I bumped into the side of the pool and noticed the inflatable ring was not nearly as inflated as it was before. So yeah, I managed to break my pool before it was 24 hours old. I think when I pulled Max off the side is what did it. Or sometime when he was scrambling to try to get out. Regardless, there was a slash about 3mm long and 1mm wide.

I patched it and hopefully it will hold. Otherwise, I just may cry. And a maybe even more sad reality is that I am not convinced that I shouldn't give Max another swimming lesson sometime.

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Cerra said...

So last night water started dumping out the side of the pool. In no time, the back yard was covered in water. My patch didn't hold! I am praying my second one does. It's about to warm up again here and I really want to swim!