Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Business

So the weekend of Doug's wedding, I told Paul and Emily that I was going to be in Salt Lake that next weekend on business. Paul thought that was hilarious and still makes fun of me about it. I'm really not sure the amusement. Maybe, since he's never had a real job, thought I was talking about poo - not sure.

Anyway, the next weekend I was up to SLC for work. It was great to be back in the office, even though I was cramped up in a conference room most of the time.

My new boss, Brent, hooked me up with an awesome suite at a hotel just down the road from my work. There was a full kitchen.

A cute, cozy living area.

An entertainment center that you could see through to the bedroom. And if you felt like watching TV from the super soft king bed instead... could just flip the TV around and you were all set. I thought it was cool.

The bed was so nice and comfy.

Cute mini-double doors to the bathroom.

I could have stayed there a month or more and been just fine. Not to mention the eggs, sausage, and stuffed crepes I got for breakfast the next morning - part of the complementary continental breakfast.

My friend from work, Salote, came by with her son, Alama, and went for a swim Thursday night. Then we went and played volleyball with another friend from work, Ese. It was fun! Her ward was so nice to let me play. I sucked compared to them but had a ball.

Here's Alama with his new goggles. I wonder if he is flipping me off on purpose...

After work on Friday, I had a bit of time before my flight, so I went over to Bills. I arrived before anyone else got home, so I got some pics of his new back yard. I was impressed.

Bills new pool also has an automatic pool cover - nice!

I meant to get more of this amazing action, but I had a total lame moment and must have accidentally stopped the video short. Then when I thought I stopped it, I actually started recording again and have footage of my nostrils, the sky, and various other things it captured while swinging from my wrist, complete with random blabberings from me and my family
(but mostly me)

Eventually the whole family got home and it was great to see them. My mom and Paul also met me over there. It was good to catch up with them have them laugh at me trying to go down Bill's water slide.

Since it was only 55 degrees in SLC that day, I didn't think I would be swimming, but Bill has his pool heated to a cozy 85. It was warmer to be in the pool. And if I didn't feel that was quite warm enough, I could go jump in his hot tub that he kept and a steamy 108. Ahhhhhh.

My favorite part of his awesome pool setup was the water slide. It's a quick ride! For some reason, I felt it imperative that I master a cannon ball off the slide. I kept flying out of "formation" around the last turn, but finally "nailed" it.

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