Saturday, May 22, 2010

Canada Geese (Yes, I said Canada Geese)

A really smart guy I know likes to correct the errors of my ways. I've always called them Canadian Geese, but that's not correct. Even though it sounds odd and I get funny looks when I say it, I like to be correct if I know better, so I will talk about the Canada Goose.

Actually, Canada Geese, a few in particular. A few weeks ago, I noticed a pair hanging around on of the lake community lakes a few blocks from my house. It wasn't too long after that I noticed they had babies - three little, adorably cute goslings.

I got around to taking their picture three or four days later and, I swear, they doubled in size from that time. But they were still cute.

I was at my dad's land in Idaho early May and he had about 12 or 13 Canada Geese on his land. He's built boxes for them and a lot of them nest there. There were three or four nests this year and one of the mommy geese stole all the babies from all the nests. So now she has 9 goslings, and the others have none! (She's may just be worse than Octo-Mom!)

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