Sunday, April 25, 2010

Funny Story...

So I was filling up the tank at Costco. Dillon asked me how much gas was and I told him - it was high 2's. He was like, "Sheeesh!"

Then I said really loud - because I was outside the car and he was inside - "Good thing we don't drive a Hummer, huh Dillon?"

He didn't say anything or acknowledge my comment at all. So I crouched down a bit a peered through the window of the car. Dillon was just looking at me, and I had an idea of I had done.

Without trying to look too obvious, I turned around I looked through the gas pumps in front of me to see lots of shiny black and black plastic from the car to the other side of the gas tank. I could only see a bit of the vehicle on the other side, but it was enough.

I quickly turned back around to face my car and squeezed the nozzle really tight - as if it would make the gas come out faster.

As I was getting back into the car, I leaned over to Dillon, "Is that a Hummer right next to us?!?!?!"

It sure was. He died. He never knows what to think with me, but thought it a little extra bold and obnoxious of me to have done it on purpose yet also a little extra unobservant and clumsy of me to do it on accident - idiot!

We got a good laugh out of it anyway. I told him that it reminded me of this one time my Freshman year of college, there was a kid that had a brand new truck. It was really nice and, I'm sure, expensive. So, me, being the poor, jealous type teased him about it. I was like, "Nice to see mommy and daddy bought you a really nice truck to go with that education I'm sure their also paying for." And of course, I did it in front of a lot of people and drew their attention toward him.

Come to find out, his parents sort of bought the truck, but not how I thought. They were both dead, and he bought it with their life insurance money. Wow... That was a doozy...


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Ha ha! Steven does stuff like that too. Keeps life interesting!

Miss Heather said...

You are so funny! I love your witty blog posts! :) I would have died laughing... and truly it sounds like something I would have done as well. :)