Sunday, April 25, 2010

Funny Story...

So I was filling up the tank at Costco. Dillon asked me how much gas was and I told him - it was high 2's. He was like, "Sheeesh!"

Then I said really loud - because I was outside the car and he was inside - "Good thing we don't drive a Hummer, huh Dillon?"

He didn't say anything or acknowledge my comment at all. So I crouched down a bit a peered through the window of the car. Dillon was just looking at me, and I had an idea of I had done.

Without trying to look too obvious, I turned around I looked through the gas pumps in front of me to see lots of shiny black and black plastic from the car to the other side of the gas tank. I could only see a bit of the vehicle on the other side, but it was enough.

I quickly turned back around to face my car and squeezed the nozzle really tight - as if it would make the gas come out faster.

As I was getting back into the car, I leaned over to Dillon, "Is that a Hummer right next to us?!?!?!"

It sure was. He died. He never knows what to think with me, but thought it a little extra bold and obnoxious of me to have done it on purpose yet also a little extra unobservant and clumsy of me to do it on accident - idiot!

We got a good laugh out of it anyway. I told him that it reminded me of this one time my Freshman year of college, there was a kid that had a brand new truck. It was really nice and, I'm sure, expensive. So, me, being the poor, jealous type teased him about it. I was like, "Nice to see mommy and daddy bought you a really nice truck to go with that education I'm sure their also paying for." And of course, I did it in front of a lot of people and drew their attention toward him.

Come to find out, his parents sort of bought the truck, but not how I thought. They were both dead, and he bought it with their life insurance money. Wow... That was a doozy...

Monday, April 05, 2010

Lego my... Legos

While shopping for my nephew's birthday present in late November I saw a toy that I wanted. It was ridiculously expensive for a toy - nearly a Benjamin. It seemed silly to still want it and drop the "hint" to Dillon, but I did anyway. I think it went something like, "Oooooo, I WANT THAT!!!!..." and so on - yeah, I'm subtle like that.

Well, since we bought the house and have had a lot more expenses as of late, I put it on the back burner and wasn't planning to "invest" in it any time soon. But on Friday, Dillon saw a buy-one-get-one-half-off Lego sale at Toys R Us, and a light bulb when off in his cute noggin. So we loaded up in the car and went over to the toy store. We got my farm set and the best selling set that was the same price. We are fairly confident we can move it for at least full retail and thus getting my toy for $45. See how smart my hubby is?

Honestly, I wouldn't have cared either way. I was just so happy to have my Lego set!!!

I was so excited to put it together, I skipped softball to do it. I know, terrible!

This is the first step - the easiest to construct. It was a nice warm-up build and I liked that I got cows a lot.

And, of course, I cannot take all the credit. I have some very "helpful" animals.

Step two:

See how cute? The trailer "poops" hay bales and the sides can fold down too.

It also tips back to dump. The tractor is cool too. Lots of neat, little details.

And then the stalls and the silo. Step three:

And one of the BEST parts! The silo actually dumps "grain." Love it.

But then... disaster! Dogzilla took out part of the stable!

The cows were pretty shaken up, but fortunately they were just tipped. Just as the farm was recovering from that devastation, Catzilla came to town!

And finally, the last step (the barn raising):

Complete with a kitten, mouse and mouse-hole.

I love my farm!

Oh no!!! Dogzilla is back!!!!!