Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Poor Knees

So just as I was getting a gnarly scar from my softball injury, I go and biff it on my rollerblades.

Hindsight tells me that rollerblading at night is stupid, but this wasn't the first time I had done it. In fact, Max and I have been rollerblading in the dark a lot since I got him. The days are getting longer but the sun is still setting around 6:30, so often I don't get to run him before then and thus, rollerblading in the dark. So now I run if it's dark.

I guess here they don't want so much light pollution so the street lights aren't very bright and I was in a corner of the street that wasn't lit at all.

I went back the next morning to survey the scene and fell on one or so of about three rocks. Lame.

I ordered knee pads and they are scheduled to arrive next week - again another smart thing that I learned through hindsight (story of my life).

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