Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There

With the crazy amounts of rain we've received in the Phoenix area this year, my back yard went from dirt farm to jungle seemingly overnight. It got intimidating so quickly, then I was sick and didn't to anything for a week, and it became OUT OF CONTROL.

So I weeded tonight until my arms, fingers, back, and butt were sore and the sun was setting. I was probably out there for about two hours and it looks like I didn't even touch it. Slow and steady wins the race?... I sure hope so in this case, because that's all I've got at this point.

At least I had moral support from Cevin and Max.

I had to weed around Max because he had made a bed out of a patch and I didn't have the heart to move him

They both really seem to like their jungle.

It scares me to think what they find in there. I hope they're not too sad when it's gone.

I made them both model by my weed pile for scale.

I must say, Max is a much better model.


Holly said...

Be careful when your out there! Arizona has some crazy wildlife!

Finding Joy in the Journey said...

The pile is HUGE!!! Wow! I bet you were sore after that. You have quite a bit of work ahead of you, but hey, at least you have a yard to do yard work.