Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Videos of My Little Friends

I once told a fellow blogger that I like it better when she catches up on blogging to still have separate posts like she would if she blogged about them as she went instead of just one, massive post. I told her it was like Christmas - the more packages, the better... so, Merry Christmas to you!

These are videos of some of my little friends. Enjoy.


Emily :) said...

I love the little video of the humming bird. SOOOO cute.. and I love your feeder. Do you get lots of them out there? For some reason the last video is the only one that I could get to work! I will try watching them later. LOVE YA!!

Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Love the office, appliances, and your little friends. Your office looks like it required lots of work. It all looks fabulous!

TJ and Jessica said...

I'm so glad that you've met so many new friends Cerra :) We miss you guys and are so jealous that you're so close to Rob and Sheri! I've been missing that family a lot lately. Give all the kiddos a big hug and kiss from their aunt Jessica and uncle TJ :)