Sunday, February 07, 2010

Pink Eye

Tuesday morning, Dillon had decided to take the day off when we got up that day. A little while later, I got a call from my brother and sister-in-law (Rob and Sheri). They were in a bit of a jam. Aubrey came down with pink eye and couldn't go to school or daycare. She was already being medicated but it hadn't been long enough that either place would accept her. Both Rob and Sheri were already at work - Aubrey was with Sheri at her school.

I went over to Sheri's school and got Aubrey. Just as we were leaving the school was going in to lock-down because some dude was on the loose over with weapons. Needless to say, we locked the car doors and got out of there, FAST.

The thing about pink-eye is that you feel totally fine, you just can't go to school. I was a little worried that Aubrey would be bored out of her mind while she watched me work.

We grabbed some lunch and came back to the house. We ate and then I went back to work. Dillon was amazing. He spent the whole day with her and kept her entertained. They looked things up on Google Earth, played video games, made videos, went to the park - I took at break from work to go with them to the park.

Aubrey and I made a sand manor. It was pretty nice - complete with a mansion, farm, barn and landscaped pool.

Then "Monster Aubrey" smashed the mansion.

Aubrey asked me if I wanted her to show me how to draw a dog. I told her yes and this is what she made - from memory - awesome!

I didn't ask or expect Dillon to entertain our niece all day, but he was glad to do it and I think she had a fun time. He's going to be a GREAT dad!

And speaking of Aubrey:

Seems like only yesterday...

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Emily :) said...

That is so sad that she came down with Pink Eye! Poor little girl, that is the worst..and I can't believe that Sheri's school went into lockdown..SCARY! I am so glad that you guys are safe and that you were able to get out of there fast. It sounds like you guys were a huge help and you have AN AWESOME HUSBAND!!! That is so awesome of him to entertain her all day! What a great uncle and yes..he will be such a great Dad someday.. and you will be a great Mom! I love you guys!!