Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Pal Max

Dillon's mom got Max and his sister, Mavis, November of 2003. They were too little to even eat right, but the farmer that owned their mother wanted her to get back to work and ditch the puppies. I think it was a rescue endeavor on Kathleen's part like so many of her animal "acquisitions" are.

In the beginning Max would lay on Dillon's belly to get his little belly rubbed to calm him down or ease an upset tummy. Dillon's mom tells me that was the only way to settle him down if he was upset - to be on Dillon's belly.

I was in Utah babysitting Bill's kids while Bill and Julie went to Australia, so I didn't get to meet them until December, and since I was the resident photographer, no pics of them got taken before then. I was told they grew quite a bit from the time she got them till I got there.

They were so cute!

We lived with Max just over two years, and in that time, he won my heart forever. Even after we left Weiser, I called him "my dog". I have never loved a dog so much.

Kathleen knew this and wanted to give Max to Dillon and I. She says he really likes us and knows how much we like him. Ever since I found out she wanted to give him to us, I have been anxiously awaiting the time we had a back yard for a dog. Our new house has provided just that.

Max flew down from Boise on Tuesday. He had such a long day. I felt bad for him. Thankfully it didn't take him long to get over that. We are still trying to get over some other "special" things though. We've already started checking those things off too.

This was Max and Cevi the first night he was here. Let's just say I was amazed! Cevi is not a nice cat and she HATES dogs.

They've had a couple of "arguments" since (all vocal) but nothing too bad at all.

Max has become an old(ish) man that was so set in his ways. Weiser was the ONLY place he's ever known. He has also become a bit of a social retard. He gets so freaked out by things (LOTS of things) and just shuts everything out. I find myself coaching him in those situations "stay with me, buddy, stay with me..." like he's going into cardiac arrest or bleeding out or something. He also has fear aggression; that concerns me probably the most.

The problem I am running into is that I need to work him out hard before I think we will make some real progress towards those things but I'll be damned if I can. I can't run fast enough nor long enough for him to even get above a fast walk/trot. I can't get him to leave my side and run on his own either - he won't fetch (he has no interest - I've tried to teach him), he doesn't chase anything but me and I can only go so fast and so long, he won't just wander off or run away. I tried rollerblading with him today. I can get him more tired, but I still can't get him into a real run and he won't pull me... yet. We'll get there.

Shortly after they came in, Max lost one of his adult teeth. For a while I thought it was just one of his baby teeth and one would fill its place. Needless to say it never did. I just love it now. It's so cute to me.

Max seems to love to make me laugh. His face and body are soooo expressive. When he does something that is funny to me, he gets all excited and does it even more and with more energy until he can't stand it anymore and has to touch me.

Both Max and his sister have always slept with their tongue out. I think it's the cutest thing! I was afraid they would grow out of it, but never did.

He keeps it out for a minute after he wakes up too. He looks so doofy walking around with his tongue out. It makes me happy inside.

I am so grateful to Kathleen for giving us our pal. We love him so much. I mean, how could you not love a dog that God put a heart on top of. ;-)

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Emily :) said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS HAVE MAX..SOOOOO EXCITING! It is so much fun to read about how much you love your new dog. Max is so lucky to be with you guys!!! I can't wait to meet him. I love the pictures of him..he is super cute!! And I still can't believe that Cevin was ok in the same room as him..haha!! Love ya!