Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My New Digs

I love my new appliances.

This is my fridge.

We sprung for the smooth black finish. I am so glad we did. It goes so well with my other black appliances and ceramic stove top.

Also, I realized a few days after I got it that this is my first very, own fridge. I have never before owned one. I think it's a great first fridge.

Here are my washer and dryer.

They play me a tune when they are done.

And when I turn them on and off.

(I sooooo almost photobombed myself in these videos - but I didn't so quit looking, perv!)

They also do a really good job of getting our clothes oh so clean and soft.

I really like them and we got them all for a great price. Yay!

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