Monday, February 01, 2010

The Making of Cerra's Office

So the only thing that will probably take as much time as my office did to complete is blogging about it.

It started back a month ago. It was the first project in my new house. Like I said before, it was a must. I couldn't work in it like it was. It looked like a school full of little boys exploded in there - even the ceiling was blue!

So you see? I had to paint. I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily Sasha was there and she did. She helped me spend a bunch of money at Lowes - $2700 if you ask Dillon ;-) - but get exactly what I needed to paint.

My bro, Rob, filled my garage with all his tools. They are renting down here, so home improvements, he ain't doin'. He figured I could (and would) use them, so he hooked me up with a bunch of cool stuff. Some of which came in very handy for my first project.

Sasha and Nolan were there for all of the prep-work and the start of the edging. Me, being me, the very first stroke I took with the roller, I smacked into something I didn't want painted - nice... and so typical.

And I COVERED my hair in paint. I just barely stopped finding white streaks.

I think Sasha was trying to make me feel better about my clumsiness when she did this. I was laughing so hard I almost peed. She ask Nolan and I, mumbling through the paint, "Is there something on my face?..." So funny!

So like I said, Sasha and Nolan got me all primed and Sasha got me started on the edging before they had to go back home. And I am so thankful to have had their help.

Sasha doesn't use tape to edge. It takes too long and doesn't work well most of the time anyway. She likes to just be careful and go slowly. It made sense to me and since I had used tape before with frustrating results, I decided to try it her way. I think I've adapted to this way as well. It was difficult and took a long time, but it would have with tape too. The hardest part was when I could see I was close to being finished with any given goal. I would tend to hurry and make a lot more mistakes. I like the look of the hand edging too. It's like wabi-sabi or something.

Five days (and I don't want to know how many hours) later. I was done with the edging. I don't think I did half bad for my first time either.

I was really excited to get the paint up and really see how my room was going to turn out. That didn't take nearly as long. I had both coats on and dry in a day and a half. It was so cool to see.

I was so excited to start working in there, but I had to buy a desk. I talked Sheri in to taking me to Ikea on Christmas Eve. I really didn't know what I was after, but I bought somethings totally different than I thought I would. I found a glass table top that I absolutely love.

I had no intention of getting a glass desk, but it just made me happy inside. The original legs I got for it did not support it at all - even though they were one of the "Ikea recommended options" for the table top.

I was so bummed and discouraged because I thought I was going to have to give up on my glass desk, but Dillon helped me find something that would support it better. I actually like these legs better.

Cevin seems to approve as well.

I also got a matching filing cabinet.

Cevin found her designated place pretty quickly.

It's an old kid chair that Dillon's dad had from when Sasha was a teenager. I threw a $3 fleece throw over it and it goes great.

I put up a clock, a cork-board , and my payroll certification - you know, 'cause I'm all official like that.

After a couple of weeks of blinding sun from 3:15 - 4:15p, I finally got and hung drapes.

I also got a cool piece of framed art and pillow that tied things together nicely.

Sasha suggested I buy a bird bath for outside my window to improve the view from my desk. I think that is a great idea. I am looking for one I like. In the mean time, I hung some bird feeders.

And finally tonight, I hung my shelf that I painted to match.

There are a handful of little things here and there that I need to do still to make it meet my perfectionist nature, but it's definitely livable as is. I really love it!


Ben and Kristen Johnson said...

I love that table!!! Your whole house is so cute. If we ever make it down there expect company!

Cerra said...

Will do! :-) Anytime.