Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey Batter, Batter, Batter...

My bro, Rob, called me up Friday night and asked me what I was up to. I told him, nothing and asked him if he needed a baby-sitter - let's face it, my bro's aren't the best at calling me up just to hang - although we've been hanging out a lot more with Rob and Sheri since the move. Anyway, he told me no that he wanted to see if I would be willing to play on his work's softball league for the night. It's a co-ed league and they were short on girls - story of my life! (That's how my college bowling "career" started too, but that's a story for another day.) I was so excited. I've been wanting to get into adult, group sports since, well, I stopped playing school, group sports, and I just haven't taken the initiative.

With only an hour notice, I was scrambling for "equipment". I was so happy that I had a glove from when my eldest, fellow lefty brother was a kid and that I knew where it was. I tried to match my team since Rob wasn't sure if they'd have an extra shirt. I wore black and red, long basketball shorts, a white long sleeve tee with a red short sleeve over it. I thought I looked pretty snazzy considering the team colors are red, white and black. The only sport-like, shoes I had were my running shoes, so those had to do. Dillon warned that I was going to ruin them, but I argued that it's not like I was going to be sliding or anything.

It was on the other side of down-town Phoenix, so we rode together - Sheri and the kids came too. It was so fun. I had my own little cheering section. Every time the kids even saw me for the entire first game, they would call my name. And when I got up to bat for the first time? Forget about it! They were yelling and screaming at me with such excitement. So cute!

As Rob and I were warming up, it became quite clear that I needed a new glove. Anytime the ball would touch any bit of my hand as I caught it, it would sting like crazy. At first I was yelling at my brother to stop throwing it so hard and he assured me he wasn't at all. I should have known that based on the fact that I was catching them all. ;-P

Late in the first game, I was hungry to cross home plate and score. I was coming in to 3rd and the chic on the base was totally covering it and the ball was fast approaching her glove. I didn't even think, I just went and it turned out to be a sort of dive/fall thing onto 3rd. I think I looked like a TOTAL dork because everyone was just astonished that I would do such a thing to get on base. They were like, "Wow, way to sacrifice..." "Way to take one for the team..." and things like that. But I was safe at the expense of my poor knees - at least the skin on them. Pants would have been smart, I realized. It did secure my place permanently on the team if I wanted it though.

(they've had a couple of days to heal and with my X-Men Wolverine-like abilities, they look a lot different than they did, but you get the idea)

I didn't do bad at all considering the last time I played was in elementary school. After sliding around for two games though, I thought shoes might be in order too. Another thought on my mind was that Dillon was not going to like my new hobby - expenses.

He saw my knees right off when I got home and said, "Good thing you didn't slide, huh?" with that 'I told you so' sound to his voice.

"It was more of a fall than a slide," like that made me look better.

Needless to say, it didn't take much convincing to get my sweet hubby to loosen the purse-strings and let me get some essentials. Dillon is one of the best shoppers EVER. He has a way of finding me exactly what I need/want - and I am NOT easy to shop for. Take my glove for example - I am a left hand thrower, with small adult hands, but a big softball to catch, on a tight budget. He found me a 12" youth, lefty glove for $14.99 regularly $50. Oh, did I mention it had PINK on it?! Wow.

He also got me shoes and pants to match.

All these totaled, after shipping and tax, under $100. They are all scheduled to arrive on Friday, and my next two games are Friday night! I sure hope they come in time to use this week. I can't wait!!!

Did I mention also that we are 2-0! We rock!!!


Anonymous said...

Woah should put a disclaimer at the beginning letting people know there will be NUDITY in the post. I am blushing furiously right now...
Geez Cerra. Come ON!

Emily :) said...

YOU ARE AWESOME..Sounds like a blast!! Your poor knees though..OUCH! I LOVE YOUR GEAR!!!! :)