Sunday, February 21, 2010


This came with my eBay order from China.

Me likey! And yes, I did consider China is far away when rate.


TJ and Jessica said...

That cracks me up! TJ wants to know what you bought (He's a nosey little bugger!)

Paul + Emily said...

I can't stop laughing! I want to order something from China just to get that greeting! halarious!!! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

Cerra said...

Ha ha. No worries. It was a nun-chuck for my Wii-mote. Yeah, I am a nerd. But it was a great price and it looks IDENTICAL to my other one that came with my Wii, but my hubby and bros are all telling me it's not really from Nintendo... But it says Nintendo on it, and the listing said it was authentic... How could it lie?... I don't understand... ;-)