Monday, January 18, 2010

Say Hello to My Little Friends

For those of you that have been worried about me making new friends since moving and working from home, fear not. I have lots of new friends now - and the photographic evidence to prove it.

This is my friend Lester. He's just a baby and he's really shy and small. He likes to sun himself of the bricks right outside my kitchen window in my back yard. We met about a week ago.

This is Mantis. I'm not going to lie. We didn't hit it off at first. I really didn't trust or like him at first. I thought he was going to eat Lester. He's that small, that little Manny could eat him.

After Manny didn't eat Lester, we grew closer. He hasn't been around for a few days now though. Maybe I insulted him with my snap judgments about him. Mantis, if you are reading this, I'm sorry and you're welcome in my back yard any time.

Lester says "Hey" almost daily. He doesn't like it when the sun's not out, so I didn't see him today though.

I am so not above bribing to make friends either. I put out a couple of bird feeders. One for humming birds and then another with "Wild Bird Seed" in it. So far I have had one humming bird and that's it. She has a green belly and bottom. She is beautiful. Her name is Emerald. She's been too quick for me to get a pic though. I am beginning to think she doesn't want to be seen with me. We'll see.

AZ has these awesome birds that I have never known before. They are called grackles. They look like small magpies that are solid black, even their beaks, and they have light eyes. Their look has nothing to do with why I like them so much. It's their sound. It's like nothing I have ever heard, and I like it.

I don't know this one's name. They all look alike to me. Is that wrong to say?...

There you have it - and you were worried! Don't you feel foolish?!...... No I haven't been drinking; why?

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Miss Heather said...

This post is exactly why I could never live in Arizona. Between your scorpion fiasco, the weird lizards, snakes, bugs, YUCK! I hate bugs!! You are AWESOME that you actually took pics and didn't lock yourself inside... oh wait, inside is where the scorpions are... never mind!! :)