Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Christmases

BTW, when my dad was in town, he watched that movie with his "girlfriend" and her family while we watched it with Nolan and Heather - two different places, same movie, same time. I know, right? It's like something out of the twilight zone. Okay, maybe not... Oh, that movie was Four Christmases...

Anyway, yesterday we celebrated Christmas twice before we leave for AZ. First we went to my mom's house.

Emily wore some awesome "Santa" shoes. She had a Santa hat on too.

AJ wants a front tooth for Christmas.

We had traditional holiday food. It was soooo good. I ate until I was full - then I ate some more.

Hailey did some crazy ninja eating.

Brooklyn and Hailey played the piano for us. They have both gotten really good.

After eating, we opened presents.

Webkinz attack!

My mom got Paul and I each a Dave Ramsey kit. He's awesome.

I made my mom keepsakes from our Air Supply concert this year. She said that she was going to frame the picture of her and I and give me that and the signed DVD she bought but she ran out of time. Great minds...

I also got my mom an LDS children's songbook with LDS illustrations throughout. When I first saw it I loved it. When I noticed what the first song was, I loved it even more. It's a song I used to make my mom sing to me over, and over, and over at bedtime. She was such a good sport about it and I loved hearing it. It's called Baptism.

Paul made Bill (aka Godfather) a funny shirt based on our Mario Kart Wii adventures. They are pretty competitive when it comes to that game, and the shirt depicted Paul "owning" Bill. It was pretty funny.

Cute, happy couple
Bill brushed up on his peeps.

Nolan and Heather got us beef sticks and gift cards to Lowes for our new place. So awesome!

We will be moving Saturday, so I may not have time to post for a while. I hope your holidays are safe and shared with loved ones. Merry Christmas!

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TJ and Jessica said...

Hey you! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog (it seriously brought tears to my eyes!) I'm glad you did though, because now I have your blog :) We're really going to miss you guys. I wish we could have gotten together before you left, but good luck and hopefully we'll see you guys when you come back to visit!
PS- I love the Mario Kart shirt! I can just picture Bill rocking it every Saturday night! haha!