Monday, November 09, 2009

I'm a Barbie Girl...

I don't think I will ever tire of dressing up for Halloween - for any excuse, for that matter. This year, I a kid from work had a marvelous idea - Barbie and Ken! So, we did it. I found the cutest Barbie logo's to iron on to my shirt from eBay. I figured I had over two weeks, they for sure would get to me in time for Halloween. Well, what I failed to read was that they were shipping from THAILAND! Oops.

This being the case, I decided I needed a backup plan just in case I wasn't so lucky - and I wasn't. My cool Thai envelope came just a few short days after Halloween.

Here's the super-awesome, sequin, pink Barbie Logo that I didn't get to use. They were cheap enough that I bought two just in case I messed up the first.

Here was my plan b. It wasn't bad, but not sequin either.

I bought things for my costume for two weeks. I would think of something or find something while I was looking for something else and just have to have it. It was fun finding and making things. I like "making" costumes so much better than "out-of-the-bag" costumes.

I got up early Friday morning so I had plenty of time to try to capture the Barbie make-up job. It may seem simple, but it's a bunch of fine lines. Barbie has a lot of make-up, but doesn't look trashy. She uses blue, purple and pink on her eyes, but still looks pretty. I don't think I nailed it, but I did okay.

The first thing I thought of when I look at myself in the mirror when I was done was, 'Drag queen - Do'h!' I wasn't alone. That was the first thing my co-worker, Mark, thought too. No good. It was still really fun though.

Ken did a good job on his costume too. He even bought blue contact lenses from England. At least one of our over-seas props showed up in time.

My mom was watching my nephew, AJ, last Saturday, and I went over to visit them. I was showing her my costume pics on Facebook and AJ wanted to see too. When he saw, he started singing, "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie worrrrlllddd. Life's fantastic. Made of plastic..." He knew so much of it by himself and when he stopped, I started singing it with him to help him out. It was so cute. What a doll!

I didn't find the time to carve pumpkins this year. And the fact that I didn't have anyone to carve them with didn't help. Carving pumpkins alone feels a lot like drinking alone - just pathetic...


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

That's sad about the Thailand package arriving late, but your costume still turned out great. Are you going to do something with the sequin loveliness? Just so you know, that song went through my head when I saw you as well. Awesome kid!

Cerra said...

Thanks Mindy. I had planned on stowing the Thailand logos in case (I or someone else) wanted to be Barbie again. Why, do you want one? ;-)

Jes said...

Cerra, it makes it so much more difficult for me to stalk you when you blur out your address like that. FYI.

And you look so hot! I belive you as Barbie (with standards).