Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Goat Flu

No surprise here; I'm behind on my blog. I still need to blog about our trip to St George. Most know about the horrific incident, but there were good parts to that weekend too. I also had some wonderful, spiritual epiphanies as well. So that still to come. I have been so sick this entire week with, what I have diagnosed with the help of Lynne as, the Goat Flu.

It's been awful. It started with a tickley throat and cough last Sunday night. I went to work on Monday feeling a little under the weather, and have done nothing else until now, one week later. I don't think I have ever been so sick with so few symptoms or so sick. I had a cough, fever (usually pretty steady at 100.6), and exhaustion. That was about it. But, again, I can't remember a time I was more sick.

My Dr diagnosed influenza but nothing beyond that point. There is no need, so it makes me very skeptical of all the "Swine Flu" that people are saying they have had lately. Who knows, maybe their Dr's are just more into labels than mine...

Well now I'm finally on the mend, not 100%, but so much closer than earlier in the week, but I've infected my dear sweet husband. Don't worry, I am taking good care of him and watching to make sure he doesn't get too bad. I figure he's got about 3 days left - at least. Poor guy.

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