Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Goat Flu

No surprise here; I'm behind on my blog. I still need to blog about our trip to St George. Most know about the horrific incident, but there were good parts to that weekend too. I also had some wonderful, spiritual epiphanies as well. So that still to come. I have been so sick this entire week with, what I have diagnosed with the help of Lynne as, the Goat Flu.

It's been awful. It started with a tickley throat and cough last Sunday night. I went to work on Monday feeling a little under the weather, and have done nothing else until now, one week later. I don't think I have ever been so sick with so few symptoms or so sick. I had a cough, fever (usually pretty steady at 100.6), and exhaustion. That was about it. But, again, I can't remember a time I was more sick.

My Dr diagnosed influenza but nothing beyond that point. There is no need, so it makes me very skeptical of all the "Swine Flu" that people are saying they have had lately. Who knows, maybe their Dr's are just more into labels than mine...

Well now I'm finally on the mend, not 100%, but so much closer than earlier in the week, but I've infected my dear sweet husband. Don't worry, I am taking good care of him and watching to make sure he doesn't get too bad. I figure he's got about 3 days left - at least. Poor guy.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

On the Road Again

This summer and fall so far have been full of travel for me. This weekend was no exception. My friend, Tara, from high school got married in California on Friday.

My mom and I set out late Thursday night. I was going to go alone, but that worried her and she insisted on coming with me. I was worried for her wasting a bunch on time on the road for me, but I am so glad she came. I really don't think I could have made it without her.

Another "woman" that made the trip easier was "Golilah" as we called her.

It was my mom's husband's GPS. I was a bit concerned before I knew she was coming because we usually rely on Dillon's phone for GPS navigation and had never been to where we were going. I was relieved when my mom told me she was bringing it and so grateful when it came in so handy. Golilah and I argued a bit, but I was definitely glad she was there.

We left for Winnemucca about 9 pm on Thursday - I always leave later than I plan on when driving out of town. We arrived about 1 am Winnemmucca time. When we checked in, the girl at the front desk told us since we were passed midnight, she would roll the room check-in over to the current day and essentially only charging us one night for two. I was so stoked that we were getting two nights, for two people for less than $50. WOW!

We got up early the next day to head to Novato, CA. We still had about 5 and 3/4 hours until our destination so we didn't want to travel in our dress clothes.

When we got to the church, we didn't have time to find a place to change, so the parking lot it was. We were quick, and I don't think we gave too many people a show.

Tara was a beautiful bride.

The food at the reception was great. My mom thought it weird,but I loved the look (and taste) of the "fruit mountain," so I took a picture of it.


Bottoms up!

Oops, someone's had too much sparkling cider...

The first dance as man and wife.

Pretty window at the church

Pretty mommy at the church

Tara looked so beautiful. Her dress was gorgeous too.

I also got to kiss the bride - booya!

My mom wanted a picture with a palm tree, so we both posed with the tropical plant outside of the church.

The wedding was nice, but we didn't stay more than a few hours. We had to drive back to Winnemmucca to get our free night's sleep and get up the next day to head the rest of the way home. This was a daunting thought for both of us. We were already tired from the drive there, and there was a somber, unsaid dread in the air.

We did our parking lot change again so we'd be comfy for the ride back. As my mom go into the car, my last jelly filled, powdered doughnut slid in its box from the center console to greet her derriere. And as luck would have it, the box flipped open in the fall to expose the doughnut in all it's powdery goodness. At first, she thought she sat on Golilah so she jumped up pretty quickly.

"My doughnut!" I cried.

My mom asked, "Did it leave a mark?" as she showed me her posterior.

All I could do was laugh. After a time I was able to gather enough composure to help her attempt to get it off, but I was still cracking up. As I swept my hand briskly back and forth across the powder, little changed in its appearance which mad me laugh even harder.

"It's ground in! It won't come off!" I managed to exclaim.

We were both dying! I was laughing so hard I was crying. A passerby couldn't help but laugh as well. It may have been the fact that a girl was taking a picture of her mom's butt, but either way, there was much laughter to be had by all.

It was just what I needed to boost my spirits. It was one of those laughs that made my tummy sore. Even the next day, we would randomly let out a little chuckle about the whole thing.

The drive back to our hotel was brutal. My mom got car sick, so she had to take a Dramamine which makes you sleepy. It was up to me to get us back. It was tough, but we finally made it about 2:15 am. I can't remember the last time I wanted sleep so bad (oh, yeah, the night before.) Nevertheless, we were tired.

When we arrived in the parking lot, we lumbered out of the car. I only wanted to make one trip from the car to the room, so I was packing my arms full of luggage and things. Lastly, I grabbed my mom's rolling bag and started across the parking lot. Hearing a sound behind me a couple of steps into my trek, I stopped. I looked back to find my mother's belongings and unmentionables strung along in my wake.

I looked down then looked at my mom with a look of bewilderment to find her looking the same way at me and the mess. The suitcase was empty. "Mo-om!" I said and then we both lost it.

"Ooops," she said. We were laughing so hard and we both had to pee. So there we stood in the parking lot, in the middle of the night, cracking up, with our legs crossed, just looking at the mess. "I forgot zip it up after the parking lot change!" We were a bit punchy, so that made us laugh even harder. Somehow we regained control of our laughter and bladders and gathered up the belongings.

We got up the next morning about 9:30 a Winnemucca time. It was so nice to sleep in a bit. When we checked out, my mom noticed a sign saying hunters get free hats. She showed her hunting license and got her hat.

While waiting for my mom to sign up for her free hat, I searched the casino for a place to plug my laptop in. I needed to check some things on the internet before we left. I found an outlet near a row of slot machines made camp at one of the machines. I figured they wouldn't mind at 11 am since they weren't that busy. Two slots down from me I noticed a lady pumping quarters into one. Right after she left, my mom came down with her hat and some change for gambling. I pointed to the chair of the recently departed woman and told her that was her beast. She put one dollar in and hit; she got $51.50. I made her cash out, and wouldn't let her touch it.

After those pics, they wouldn't let me take any more. It was "frowned on" the bar tender told me. That seems shifty to me, but oh well. Our bar tender was nice though. He kept the Cokes coming while my mom tried to blow money.

She would have been up another $4 if she listened to me, but I was lucky to get her to listen about her other winnings. She spent $11 total and cashed out the $51.50. Not too bad. I didn't even feel bad about letting her buy us breakfast at their coffee shop with her winnings.

After breakfast we hit the road for home.

My mom kept talking about how we would have to stop in Wendover to get gas and go potty. Then she would say, "I'll give you 4 quarters for a dollar." She wanted to gamble one more time in Wendover. I told her we would stop in Wendover, but on the Utah side.

We stopped in Wendover to get gas, potty and eat. We decided we needed a break from the car so we "dined in" at the Burger King. My mom had a view of the Rainbow Casino the entire time we were eating. About half way through she said, "You know. We could run in to the Rainbow Casino's gift shop to see if they have anything with rainbows on it."

I looked at her and said, "Damn you Cheryl! You witchy, witchy woman!" We both laughed. "How dare you use my innocent love of rainbows for your evil ways!" Ha ha.

She's way too good at getting she wants. So into the casino we went. It was beautiful. They had so many neon lights, all colors of the rainbow, and they reflected off the silver ceiling to create quite the eye stimulation for me. It made me even more excited for the gift shop. I wanted to take pictures, but they probably "frowned on" that too.

At first glance inside the shop, I was doubtful I was going to find anything good. As we looked through everything, I became more and more convinced, but on the way out, I asked the clerks for good measure, "Do you guys have anything that actually has rainbows on it, not just the word?" They told me no. What kind of place named "Rainbow Casino" doesn't have a gift shop full of RAINBOWS? I don't get it.

On the way out of the gift shop, a seemingly nice couple stopped us with two tickets to Randy Travis. He was performing there that night, but they couldn't stay. It was hard to say no. My mom would have loved to stay and go to his show, but our husbands wouldn't have loved it.

Well, now that we were in the the casino, my mom talked me in to letting her hit some slots - sneaky, sneaky woman. She told me to pick out the machine again. I perused the aisles looking for a winner. From the end of an aisle over, I saw an old man stumbling out of the aisle. I quickly walked over to were he came from and felt the chairs. I found the warm one and said, "This is it; sit here."

My mom sat, put in a dollar and won $5. I pushed the "Cash Out" button to her bafflement. She talked me out of one more dollar and asked me where to put it. I wasn't really "feeling" any of the other slots and no one was getting up, so I just picked one. She lost it. I drug her away and to the payout machine. I grabbed the $5 and we left. I told her I was going to hold her money until we got out of there so she didn't blow it. She told me it was my money because they were my ones. I told her I didn't want her ill gotten gain - hee hee.

About half way to my car, I felt it safe to give her the money and handed it over. She turned around and started booking it back to the casino. It was hilarious to see an old lady running toward a casino, shaking a $5 in the air, and laughing like a crazy person. Needless to say, I caught up with her and drug her back to the car while we both laughed.

The last 100 miles was relatively easy.

I took a picture of a sculpture I've always liked. It's in Utah near the UT/NV border just off I-80. It's so odd being in the middle of nowhere. I wonder what it's about - who put it up, what it's for, what story's behind it, if any.

It was a full moon that evening. That may have contributed to our silliness, but I doubt it. My mom and I are always silly when it's just us. I have a lot of carefree fun with her. I love it.

In a 49 hour period this weekend, I spent 24 and 3/4 hours of it in the car. My mom spend that much too, just minus the time from my house to hers each way. Wow. I am not sure why I thought I could do that by myself. It was hard with her.

Thanks again for coming with, Mom. I had a good time. I love you.