Sunday, September 27, 2009

That Time of the Year Again

I am a bit slackerish lately on producing timely posts.

Dillon took me to the Utah State Fair for my birthday. I can't believe it's already been a year since we went last.

We started our fair time at the alligator show. This guy's name's Gill, but he calls himself Kachunga. They never said why.

He had a cute announcer girl with a southern accent.

They asked for a volunteer from the audience. She was fearless.

She got to sit on the back of the big alligator with Gill and get her picture taken holding the little alligator for free. They charge $5 to everyone else. LUCKY!

The alligator show was kind of cool. A bit hokey and definitely geared toward the younger audiences, but that didn't stop me from LOL-ing... a lot. I was reminded of how much I am probably going to embarrass our kids when we have them. I involuntarily laugh very loudly at lame things and find myself interacting (or attempting to) with people who I'm not really supposed to - like people putting on an alligator show... Poor, poor future children of mine.

Next we were off to see the aminals (as my cute hubby calls them). We found our way to the small animals first. The pigeons were so similar to last year's. I did see a couple that I didn't remember from last year though.

Genetic freaks if you ask me... Why do we like to do this to things?

Next were the goats. It was pretty musky in the goat area - silly billies. I did find a goat that I wanted to take home though. Dillon Named her "Fudgey."

She was so sweet and cuddley. She was so mellow too. I was so sad that I couldn't take her home with me.

We saw the cows next. I thought it was a little odd that most of the cows hand signs next to them telling people not to pet them. I have never been to a fair where you can't touch the cows. There were some that really wanted me to pet them too.

There were some exceptions to that though.

He was so soft but so tired too. Poor baby.

The other one you could pet was a bit different - he was HUGE. His name did not lie.

He was so mellow. I leaned on him, patted him, pet him, and tried to push him. All he cared about was eating.

I swear he ate an entire bail just the short while we visited him. His owner just kept it coming.

Again, I was saddened by the load restrictions on the pony rides... When I grow up, I'm going to get me a giant pony.

We then visited the Division of Wildlife Resources building where Dillon had a close call with a Mt Lion. I calmed him though with my wildlife, survival tips, "They are more afraid of you than you are of them." My expertise seemed to really come in handy.

Woah! These things are weird. I thought salmon were somewhat normal looking fish.

This guy's an albino trout. I wonder if his friends know he's different.

We also saw a big, handsome Mt Goat. He was a beaut!

Instead of tigers, this year they had bears. They were fun to watch, but they smelled like giant gerbils. My coworker remarked later that that made sense because they were in the same family... I'm not sure if she knows what a bear or a gerbil is...

This bear was supposed to stand up and then get off the ball, but the bear had other ideas.

I love how the bear's fat giggles in this one.

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