Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Copper State

We got back late Wednesday evening from Arizona. We got to visit Dillon's dad, Steve, and my brother, Rob, and his family.

It was Dalan's birthday last month and since they are in AZ now, we didn't have a party and give him gifts then. So my mom went in with us and we got Dalan some GI Joe guys. He seemed to really like them.

He patiently waited for his mom and dad to come out before he opened his present. Don't you love my fancy wrapping job?

I think his expression says it all.

He was so good about sharing his new toys with his sisters. We played with them until it was time for bed.

Dalan started kindergarten this year even though he's technically too young. I think Rob and Sheri are going to have him repeat it so he's with kids his age - even though he's as big as the 2nd graders right now.

I guess he made a new friend at a park a bit ago. They were playing and the other boy was older than Dalan (probably a 2nd grader) and was having a really hard time understanding what he was saying. After a while of the other boy asking Dalan "What?" he got really frustrated and said to the other boy, "I don't talk so good!" Dalan has a raspy voice and scowls and sticks his lips and face out when he's talking frustrated. I can only imagine how funny it was to see and hear.

He's had Portuguese nannies since he was really little, and Rob thinks that's why his English isn't "so good." Both the nannies have told Rob that Dalan speaks perfect Portuguese. Poor kid. ;-)

I've decided Madison is a silent observer that is becoming not so silent. She has been talking for a while now, but the things she talks about are usually the things going on in her head instead of what's going on around her.

She made me laugh so hard when we were over there though. She was acting kind of tired so I asked her if she wanted to snuggle. She said she did but upstairs in Aubrey's bed. As I was carrying her up the stairs, she told me, "I can do things just like you."

I told her, "I know!" I thought she was talking about being a "big-girl."

Then she said, "Whhhhaaaaat." and gave me the cutest big eyed expression, as if to say, 'See? I told you. Wasn't that good!?'

I died. It was so cute and funny. Just in case you don't know, when I am surprised or amazed by something, I say 'what' with a really long 'wh' and draw out the 'a' too. Dillon hates it, but that's just how I say it. So when my little, 3 year old niece said it just like I do, inflections and all, it made me happy inside. So funny.

She has kind of a munchkiny, little voice. It's really cute and high. It makes the funny things she says that much more funny. When I told Rob and Sheri what she told me, they told me about other things she's learned from her adult role models. Rob told us that on two separate occasions, she came into the kitchen to find a spill or a mess on the floor. The first time, she looked at it in amazement, put her hands out and said, "What the hell?!" the next time it was "Holy shit!" Rob said they obviously need to evaluate their reactions to messes. Oh, what a cutie-pie.

As fun as it was visiting with family the 5 days we spent in AZ weren't for that reason. We went down house shopping. Who wouldn't want to live here?

I've been begging Dillon for us to move down there since the first time I went probably 5 1/2 years ago. I hate snow and cold and am just fine being too hot. I love that they have no daylight savings time and think their flag is the BEST.

I know some of those are silly reasons, but ever since setting foot there I've always felt like I belonged in that great desert.

The past 5 years, Dillon's wanted nothing to do with it. That is until about March of this year. When he caught wind of housing prices down there, that caught his attention. Since, we have been praying and working hard to get down there.

We currently have three offers on homes down there and may have more before it's over. We are hoping to be down within 60 days or so. I am just about beside myself with excitement. I don't know what it is about that place, but I want to go to there.

Steve played our chauffeur the entire time we were down there. He was so nice and patient while we look at what seemed to be countless homes. He offered nice viewpoints and insights too. He also put us up for the time we were there. It was very nice visiting with him.

We started the house hunt by going a few houses down the road from where Steve lives to talk to his neighbors who have their house for sale. Steve was really hoping we'd move into his master-plan community. His neighbor already had a buyer, but we may be buying their washer and dryer. I hope that works out. They're nice.

Steve and I sat out one night together in a thunderstorm while Dillon did some work. It was beautiful, and I took my second attempt at shooting lightening - much better than my first time though I still have a lot of room for improvement.

Steve's cousin and his wife are acting as our realtors, and I couldn't feel more blessed to have their help. They have been incredible. I'll keep you posted.

At this rate, our next move will be to Mexico - hee hee.


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Cerra!! I love AZ, too! When Steven was applying to schools, I made him apply to one there. It's sad you're moving, but Lynne told me that you are still going to be working with us! Congrats! I hope it all works out for you, especially the house buying!

Cerra said...

Thanks Mindy! ;-)