Saturday, September 05, 2009


I was going to put this in my last blog post, but it was WAY too long as is. The weekend of the reunion, I drove approximately 18 hours, most of which was by myself. By myself driving = loud stereo of whatever I feel like listening to accompanied by me belting it out at the top of my lungs. It's liberating. I reacquainted myself with Whitney (Houston that is) and discovered Johnny Cash.

I really have Nolan to thank for the introduction. I may have discovered him later on otherwise, but maybe not. A few years ago, Nolan gave Dillon a Johnny Cash CD. It was a best of with 21 tracks. I didn't think Dillon especially liked him and my dad's birthday was coming up. Being poor and tacky, I regifted the CD to my dad. I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but it is what it is. My dad loved the gift.

It came up in conversation later and Dillon didn't seem all that pleased with what I had done, so I went out to replace it. I found a CD with 21 tracks, best of, same songs, but it's a little different in the order and versions. I figured it was close enough - I actually thought it was the same at first - and bought it. The CD got opened and put into the CD binder in my car where it sat for some years.

On our last road trip, I put it the CD in my car's changer I wanted to select music Dillon and I both liked. As it turned out, we didn't listen to it long because I needed something to sing along with so I would stay awake.

For some reason, on my way out of town for the reunion, near Ogden I would say, I switched to that CD. On song two, I heard a song with my nephew's name in it, Porter. I'm not sure if that's what did it, but I just kept listening. I didn't skip to the only song on the album that I knew, Ring of Fire, I just kept listening. I couldn't tell you where it happened, but by the time I hit Boise, I was in love with Johnny Cash.

I get my tendency for liking the same things over and over (and over, and over) from my dad, so he didn't mind one bit that we listened to that CD the entire time we were on the road together. We sang along and talked about which songs were our favorites and why.

Then, on my solo drive back to UT, it was Cash virtually the entire way again. It didn't stop once my drive was over either. I can't remember the last time, if ever, I had a song stuck in my head for four days, but Highwayman was.

Back at work, I drove my coworkers crazy with Johnny Cash playing all day. I thought I had it turned down enough so only I could hear, but then one of my coworkers said, "Oh, not Johnny Cash again!" This was coming from someone that actually liked him.

I have gained an oddly strong passion for his music, and I always want more. I came back from AZ Wednesday to find my CD missing. I am having serious withdrawals. Even with my obsessive personality, it seems strange to me that I have become so in to him.

My favorite songs are Highwayman, The Man Comes Around, Man in Black, Sunday Morning Coming Down... See? Now I'm going to end up listing all of them, and then what's the point of calling them favorites?

I told Dillon that I didn't know Nine Inch Nails remade a Johnny Cash song. I told him I liked Johnny's version (the original) so much better. He looked at me for a second or so with a puzzled look on his face and asked me which song I was talking about. I told him it was "Hurt." Then he laughed and told me that it was Johnny Cash remaking that song.

I didn't even know their careers overlapped. I thought Johnny had been dead for a lot longer than he has. Dillon thinks it's weird the kind of stuff I don't know. He's always asking me, "What, were you raised by wolves?" I always answer to the affirmative. Regardless, I still like Johnny's version better.

It feels fickle and trite for me to say he's a legend since he's so new to me, but I truly feel that way. I need to watch the movie, Walk the Line, now I've been told. Long live Johnny Cash.

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Miss Heather said...

I fell in love with Johnny Cash after seeing Walk the Line... first I bought the soundtrack and then I bought more CDs. I love him too!