Saturday, August 08, 2009

Then There Was One

I participated in the first annual Ching Farm 5k today. It was at Liberty Park. They had over 100 people register which they felt was a great turnout for their first race. I was #53 and ran for an ostrich. I loved what they did. Each participant had a different animal that they were running for and it was pictured on their number bib. So cute.

When I learned about the race, I had 5 people that were going to do it with me. Not sure what happened, but it was just me today. Maybe it's 5k karma. I stood up my coworker, Aaron, last weekend for a 5k. I was just too tired from staying up way too late after jammin' out with Air Supply. ;-)

I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but I guess that's what I get for slacking off in my running lately.

Ching Farm is in Herriman, UT. They take some beliefs to extreme in my opinion, but I like what they do. They save farm animals and let them live their life out on their sanctuary. I love that and hope to be able to volunteer and help out on the farm very soon.

They are vegan, which I have no problem with at all, but would never subscribe to myself. I think that all animals deserve a life free of abuse from humans, but I also believe that we can give them the quality of life they deserve and humanely use them for things we need as well - food, eggs, milk, wool, skins, etc.

I feel the way my ancestors (specifically my Native American ancestors) viewed animals and their role in our lives is the right one for me. They were so respectful and would pray for the animal and thank it for what it was going to give them before they killed it. They also used everything they possibly could from the animal. I whole-heartily disapprove the killing of animals for sport.

Anyway, enough of that! They took pictures of the participants after if they wanted it. I did but didn't realize it was going to be right after the finish line. I am sure I look wonderful! They said they would post them on their website for download. I will post it when they do. It ought to be a good chuckle for all.

Here it is. I think they wanted me to buy it to remove the watermark.... Yeah, I didn't.

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sasha said...

damn it. i have been mulling over business plans for the sweet addicting kettle corn for ages now. ha ha. not really. the sign looks like it says, "hot sasha" though, which you may remember is my favorite nickname ever. my friends little boys, 4 and 2 at the time this started, made up that name for me and now, almost 3 years later, its still what they call me, "hot sasha". somehow one night when i was coming over to visit and bring hot chocolate, something got twisted and resulted in my nickname "hot sasha" being born. anyway, i'm goig to have to show them this picture. sorry for the long boring story. i'll stop now i suppose. looks like you had a full, fun day.