Monday, August 24, 2009


Mom and Sasha came to visit last weekend. Mom brought her two little dogs. She just got a new, little puppy. She's a Dachsiepoo (dachshund/poodle mix). She is so small and cute.

Mama named her Ginger. I call her Gigi.

I swear, everything she does is precious.

She spend a good amount of the time down Sasha's shirt. Every now and then, Sasha would get a really concerned look on her face and ask, "Where's the puppy?!" All while sporting the this lumpy appearance.

The puppy did seem more than content there.

We all went to a fav spot of ours, Mill Creek. No surprise here, Nolan took his first stab at Dutch oven cooking while there. Let's just say, he's a natural.

(Doesn't his arm look like it's on fire here?)

He made a potato dish first. It was delich!

Then he made a peach, pineapple, vanilla cake dish. Mmmmmm. Everybody loved both!

Both Doug and Rusty were naughty and took a bite out of my hot dog while I wasn't looking.

Rusty and I don't normally get along, but we bonded by the campfire. We were both cold and shivery so we cuddled to keep warm.

JD and Lauri even showed up. It was so good to see and hang out with them.

As they were leaving, they happened upon another thing that showed up for good food.

They almost noticed him too late. He did stink up the place a bit like he was pinching off some warning shots. He came nosing right over to where we were, and that was the end of our outing.

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Dentist Victorville said...

Wow! I've never seen a skunk before! That was very cute puppy!